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2021/01/20 Bold Declarations: Yield Your Mouth to the Lord

Updated: Feb 9, 2021

Ron Sawka Ministries

January 20, 2021; Shevat 7, 5781

Strategies for Uncertain Times Series:

1. Do Warfare with Your Prophecy

2. Stay in Joy

3. Remember You Are Anointed and Walk in the Power of the Holy Spirit

Bold Declarations: Yield Your Mouth to the Lord

“I am the Lord, your God, the one who brought you out of the land of Egypt. Open your mouth wide and I will fill it. But My people did not obey Me; Israel did not submit to Me” (Ps. 81:10–11, NET).

The strategy for the week is boldness—bold declarations, bold praise, and bold prayers. When we choose enter into boldness, we will find that the Lord actually fills our mouths so that we can proclaim/declare/speak/prophesy things that cause more faith to arise, resulting in ever-increasing working of the Holy Spirit.

I believe this is the main theme of Psalm 81. In verse 1, they are told, “Sing aloud to God our strength; make a joyful shout.” Why is that? It seems that when God decided to “attack” Egypt to set them free, He established this as a strategy for them. We read, “He decreed it as a regulation in Joseph, when he attacked the land of Egypt” (5).

The theme continues. Suddenly they began to hear words they had never heard before (5). Instead of being surrounded with sounds of slavery, it was like in their spirits they began hearing good words. They began to hear that burdens were being removed from their shoulders and that their hands were to be freed from carrying baskets (6).

Verse 7 reminds them that whenever they would call on the Lord, He would help them. This is followed by the astonishing promise in verse 8 that if they would yield their mouths to the Lord, they would be kept from being ensnared by false gods. It could even result in deliverance: “There shall be no foreign god among you” (9).

Many of us have experienced the truth of this in many ways. Sometimes in a meeting there is an atmosphere of unbelief, tiredness, and skepticism. I have learned that is precisely at those times that I need to be extra bold and “boast” about how good God is. When I proclaim boldly, not only does my own faith rise up, but the atmosphere around me is also changed and people begin to expect and to believe.

It also works for me individually. When negative things happen, I have learned that if I start speaking positively and boldly, faith, expectation, and the Holy Spirit immediately rise up in me.

So during these times, let’s be sure to yield our mouths to the Lord. We will find ourselves being led as follows:

  1. Declare and proclaim what God has said! The Lord has spoken that 2021 is a time of harvest. He has also said that now is the time and that we are anointed to do His works of miracles and healing. I am declaring all those things. I am also declaring great increase in finance so we can do all He is asking us to.

  2. Pray big! Ask boldly! When we pray for healing, pray boldly. Pray boldly for the harvest. I am asking the Lord that we have healing and miracles on MPP every day so that more begin to watch/listen and meet Jesus and be saved. Please pray with me.

  3. Prophesy boldly. As you pray for people, shift into prophesying. Prophesy what God wants to do in their lives. The living word that you speak can change their lives.

Be blessed! Thanks so much for praying!

Ron and Teddy

Shevat—A Time to Amplify Your Shout

The Eleventh Month of Hebrew Year 5781 (Jan. 14–Feb. 12, 2021)

This whole decade is about “the mouth,” and this month focuses on what we say. We don’t want to only say “God is good,” but we also need to forcefully declare it. The forceful declaration blesses us and can heal us. It also is an announcement to the forces of darkness and they have to back off. More information may be found here.

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