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About Ron


Ronald Sawka

Catch The Fire Apostolic Ambassador

Ron and Teddy Sawka’s Ministry History

Ron Sawka, DD, comes from Alberta, Canada. He and his wife, Teddy (American), arrived in Japan in 1975. They came as church planters, and as they did that the Lord soon began to open other doors and ministries, not only in Japan but also in other nations in Asia. They are amazed at how God has brought changes to their lives. Each change seemed to result in the Lord putting them on a larger stage that yielded more harvest for His Kingdom.

In the early 90s, they were touched by the prophetic movement that was then being newly released. They embraced prophetic activation—for themselves and to train others—and soon found they were becoming a prophetic center for all of Japan. Ever since then, prophetic activation has been one of Ron’s key ministries.

Along with this growth in the prophetic came the call for Ron to help lead intercession in Japan. In those days, and largely because of the release of the prophetic worldwide, intercession itself was shifting into new things such as spiritual warfare, spiritual mapping, and prayer journeys. Ron’s role in Japan led to connections with the late C. Peter Wagner to coordinate prayer journeys by Japanese believers into the 10/40 and 40/70 prayer windows.

As they grew in the prophetic, their connections with Christian International and Bill Hamon increased. In 1996, they were asked to form Christian International Asia and were soon being sent into nations including Korea, Malaysia, Burma, and Singapore. Far East Russia also began to open up.

At the end of 2009, the Lord shifted them again. They were led to establish Arise 5, an apostolic network with a threefold focus: 1) prophetic activation and release of apostolic anointing for all believers; 2) raising up and commissioning apostles and prophets; 3) raising up apostolic centers.

On March 11, 2011, the Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami disaster struck. This also led to two major developments. First, Teddy was led to form Yarn Alive, an amazing prototype relief kind of ministry in Shichigahama, Miyagi-ken, the town where they reside. This ministry keeps growing and has immense favor. Second, was the connection to David Demian and Watchmen for the Nations. Ron and Teddy have continued to walk with this family of many nations since 2011.

Fusing with Catch The Fire
--How it All Happened

In mid-2018, the Lord began speaking to me via different prophets about change coming. One prophecy was about a “plan B.” It said, “It’s time for plan B; it is already making its way to fruition. Plan B has an excitement to it and a drive that you need. … The Lord says He will shine His light on plan B and there will be support that will come from many areas, many people, and many avenues.” There was much more, but the message was clear. Plan A, which I took to mean Arise 5, was good, but the prophecy said the Lord had something better. At that time I had no idea what plan B was, but my spirit had now been alerted by Him.


In the fall of 2018, another seasoned prophet—from out of the blue—stated a similar thing. The prophecy was that soon “Arise 5 would actually be fused with something/someone else and the new fusion would be much better and much stronger than what was before.” It was near the end of 2018 that I first met John Arnott (in Taipei, actually). I still had no inkling of a “fusion” coming. But throughout 2019, the Lord kept increasing the connection. He then made it very clear that we were to “fuse” Arise 5 with Catch the Fire. Once the decision had been made in the fall of 2019, the Lord very graciously confirmed it in multiple ways.


One confirmation was via prophecy from Apostle Rosetta Florence; another was from Apostle Dale Mast. Neither had any prior knowledge about this. In her prophecy, Apostle Rosetta kept emphasizing about how we would be now part of releasing a new move of “fire in Japan and in Asia.” Apostle Dale’s prophecy emphasized much more connection with John and Carol Arnott—much more than we expected. He spoke of new anointing and used the word, “firebrand.” Again, neither of these prophets had any knowledge that this was how the Lord was leading us.

I suppose we could say a final confirmation came from Apostle Barbara Yoder. Her prophetic word said things like, “Don’t look back … look to the future … a new horizon with much greater expansion of your field,” and “a huge ball of fire arising.” She also prophesied that “This will add to us a missing piece that will cause an explosion of increase, multiple harvests.”

After reading the above, perhaps you can see why I am so excited. Also, there is something very somber and serious. I believe we are at the beginning of a great end-time harvest. God is the one doing this. He is the one that wants a great harvest. It is our responsibility and our great privilege to follow Him into the new that He is preparing for us.

Thank you, Lord!

Ron Sawka (April, 2020)

Additional Information

1. Publications
Ron is the author of four books that have been translated into six languages. The titles are as follows: Judah Goes First, Activated to Prophesy, Apostles and Apostolic Anointing, and Apostolic Centers. There is also an earlier book, From Goat Nation to Sheep Nation (2001), which chronicles prayer initiatives in Japan during the 80s–90s.


2. Alignments
a. David Demian and Watchmen for the Nations. Ron and Teddy have walked closely with
David Demian and Watchmen since 2011. Activities with Watchmen are a major part of Ron’s schedule.

b. Glory of Zion and Chuck Pierce

c. Christian International and Bill Hamon

Biographical Details
1968, Graduated from Prairie Bible Institute, Alberta, Canada

1971, University of Alberta, Bachelor of Education with honors
1997, Doctor of Divinity, Christian International Theological Seminary, Fl. USA

Church Ministry
1971–73, Ron and Teddy began ministering as pastors in Deadwood, Alberta, Canada
1973–75, Associate Pastor, Suffield Fellowship, Ohio, USA

Arrival in Japan
1975, Ron and Teddy arrived in Japan (and still live there)
1975–77, Language study, Karuizawa
1977–79, Church planting in Mine Machi, Utsunomiya
1980–84, Church planting in Omocha no machi, Tochigi
1985, Established Sano Church which is now HQ for Arise 5/Catch the Fire Japan

Intercession and Spiritual Warfare
1994–2005, Formed and lead International Fellowship of Intercessors Japan, which was connected with Intercessors International, who had groups in Europe, US, Asia, and Africa. 1994–2005, Japan coordinator for 10/40 and 40/70 prayer windows/Target Europe prayer initiatives directed by the late C. Peter Wagner and Global Harvest Ministries

Prophetic and Apostolic
1989, Began hosting New Year’s conferences for leaders resulting in…
1995, Set in as an apostle-prophet by Christian International and Bill Hamon
1996–2009, Established Christian International Asia with HQ in Japan under the covering of Apostle/Prophet Bill Hamon and Christian International. Established apostolic-prophetic training and networks in the following countries: Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, and Taiwan.

Arise 5 Ministries (2010–20)
2010, Launched Arise 5 as an apostolic network with the following specific aim: raising, mentoring, and commissioning apostles and prophets in Asia, as well as overseeing the establishment of apostolic centers. Arise 5 has twelve churches in Japan along with numerous house churches.

Arise 5 has offices and coordinators in Taiwan, Malaysia, Singapore, China, Korea, Russia,
Sri Lanka, and Indonesia.

2011–present, Ron is part of the core leadership team for the International Gatherings (David Demian and Watchmen)


2020–Merged/fused with Catch The Fire.

2020–Ron and Teddy were appointed as Catch the Fire Apostolic Ambassadors (Duncan and Kate Smith, John and Carol Arnott, Michael and Diane Brodeur, Ken Gott,  Dan and Gwen Slade) 

Catch The Fire World


Catch The Fire Japan

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