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2020/7/22 The Lord Is Roaring and Executing

Updated: Jul 28, 2020

Ron Sawka Ministries

July 22, 2020; Av 1, 5780

“The Lord also will roar from Zion” (Joel 3:16).

“But I will execute judgment on the nation that they will serve. Afterward they will come out with many possessions” (Gen. 15:14, NET).

“To execute on them the written judgment—This honor have all His saints” (Ps. 149:9).

In This Update:

  1. The Lord Is Roaring and Executing

  2. Yarn Alive—Your Prayers Are Amazing!

  3. GYM—Prophesying to the Graduates

The Lord is Roaring and Executing

We have just entered the month of Av, one of the themes of which has to do with the Lord roaring from Zion. What that really means is He is executing or enforcing things. Judgments or decisions that have been made before are now being carried out. I feel there are three main areas to consider:

1. Barrenness Being Broken—Just after Pentecost, the Holy Spirit led many of us to pray in tongues for thirty minutes a day for three weeks—specifically to break barrenness. I felt the Lord give that strategy—whether it was for barrenness of ministry, barrenness in one’s personal life or business, or the inability to conceive a child. Thus, many did pray in tongues for thirty minutes a day for three weeks. (Many of you also informed me that you are continuing on and making this a lifestyle.) This is so incredible. Know that the Lord is not silent. He is roaring from Zion (the place of praise). Have great expectation that the Lord is executing the breaking of barrenness and is releasing life, and that you will move into a new level of fruitfulness.

2. Execution of Prior Promises—God had entered into covenant with Abraham and said that his descendants would serve another nation for 400 years, but that afterward He would judge that nation and Israel would come out with great possessions. This was fulfilled 420 years later when they came out of Egypt carrying unexpected financial wealth (see Exodus 12:12). When the time is right, God executes and carries out what He promised. I think many have received prior promises from the Lord. Now is the time, and God is beginning to execute those promises just like He did for Israel. Personally, I feel the Lord is releasing me into some new things that were spoken to me via prophecy in 1996.

3. Prophetic Act of Roaring—I think we should regularly expect the Holy Spirit to not just lead us in prophetic acts of rejoicing, but also in acts of roaring. Psalm 149 clearly tells us to rejoice. We read, “Praise the Lord! … Let Israel rejoice in their Maker” (1–2). When we do so, we are then part of executing or carrying out the Lord’s promised decision or judgment. The Psalmist continues, “To execute on them the written judgment—this honor have all His saints” (9).

The first time I was in a prophetic meeting, the worship leader told us to strike with an imaginary sword. I had little understanding of this at the time, but obeyed and mimed the act of striking with a sword. I soon forgot about having done so. However, a week later I saw a miracle happen before my very eyes. I said, “Lord, thank you. But why? How did this miracle happen?” He replied clearly that when I took part in the prophetic act of “striking with the sword” is when He released/executed that victory. My taking part in that prophetic act brought to me the victory I needed.

So remember, the Lord is roaring from Zion. Roar with Him. Watch earlier promises begin to be executed and carried out.

Yarn Alive—Your Prayers are Amazing!

That God’s favor is upon Yarn Alive is so clear to see. It seems the Lord is always providing miracles. Thank you for praying; just this week Yarn Alive received a huge financial blessing. Thank you, Lord! Please keep praying for blessing on Yarn Alive and for protection for the women as they gather. And as we explained last week, Yarn Alive will operate all throughout the summer.

If you are interested in helping financially, please contact or visit

GYM—Prophesying to the Graduates

It was my privilege to prophesy to this year’s graduating class of GYM (Fall 2019–Summer 2020), some of whom I had never met before. Most of them are members of Catch the Fire Japan churches. While prophesying to them, I had such a strong sense of solid foundations in their lives. Also I knew their churches would prosper and flourish. But just as strongly for almost each one, I felt the Lord releasing a promotion of favor and faith.

If you haven’t done so already, please consider signing up for this year’s GYM, which begins on September 17.

GYM is a forty-week course that Mike and Rachel designed and run. The Lord has used it to establish proper foundations in many believers’ lives. For more information, please visit

Thanks so much for praying!

Ron and Teddy






















今年のGYMの卒業生(2020年度の卒業生)に預言を出来たことは大きな特権でした。私がお会いしたことない人もいました。ほとんどはCatch The Fire日本と繋がっている教会です。預言をしているときに、しっかりとした土台が据えられたと感じました。そして、教会が繁栄すると思いました。また、神が一人ひとりに好意と信仰を増し加えているように強く感じました。








2020年7月22日; 5780年埃波月1日





1. 主正在吼叫 展開行動

2. 編織求生事工——你們的禱告果效驚人!

3. GYM——對畢業生發預言

主正在吼叫 展開行動


1. 破除不生養和貧瘠——就在五旬節之後,聖靈帶領我們當中許多人連續三週每天方言禱告30分鐘,主題專門是針對破除不生養和貧瘠。我感覺主是為了多重目的賜下這個策略——例如事工的貧瘠、個人生命或生意的貧瘠,或是無法孕育孩子。因此,許多人真的連續三週每天操練方言禱告30分鐘。(有很多人告訴我,三週之後他們仍然保持這個節奏,並且將它變成一種生活方式。)真的很不可思議。神沒有靜默,祂在從錫安(讚美之所)吼叫。要大有盼望,神正在強力破除不生養和貧瘠,釋放生命,你將進入新層次的豐盛結果。

2. 執行早前的應许——神已經與亞伯拉罕立約,告訴他他的後裔要服事別國的人四百年,並且之後神要懲罰那國的人,以色列將帶著許多財物從那裡出來。這個預言在420年之後應驗了,以色列百姓從埃及帶走了意料之外的巨大財富(出12:12)。當時候滿足,神就會做工並且施行祂曾應許過的。我想許多人都曾經從主領受過應許,現在是成就的時候了,神開始執行那些應許,就像過去為以色列所做的一樣。對我個人而言,我覺得神正釋放我進入新事,這些事在1996年就已透過預言告訴我了。

3. 吼叫的先知性動作——我想我們要時常盼望聖靈不只是引導我們做喜樂的先知性行動,也要做吼叫的先知性動作。詩篇149清楚地告訴我們,要喜樂。「你們要讚美耶和華!……願以色列因造他的主歡喜。」(詩149:1–2)當我們這樣做,就是在施行主應許過的決定或審判。詩人還說,「要在他們身上施行所記錄的審判。他的聖民都有這榮耀。」(詩149:9)

我第一次參加先知性聚會的時候,敬拜主領告訴我們要用一把想象中的劍來擊打。當時我完全不懂這些,不過還是照做了,比劃著拿劍出擊。之後很快就把這事忘得一乾二淨。然而,一週之後,我親眼看到一個神蹟在我眼前發生。我說,“主啊,謝謝祢!但是為什麼呢?為什麼會有這樣的神蹟?” 祂清楚地回答我,當我參與到“揮劍”的先知性行動中時,祂就釋放/成就了得勝。我的先知性行動帶我走向我需要的得勝。所以要記住,主正從錫安吼叫。要與祂一齊吼叫。來見證早前的應許開始成就和實現吧。







Ron and Teddy Sawka榮撒卡和泰迪撒卡

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