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2020/7/8 GYM—Foundations for Sustained Fruitfulness

Updated: Jul 13, 2020

Ron Sawka Ministries

July 8, 2020; Tamuz 16, 5780

“I will liken him to a wise man who built his house on the rock: and the rain descended, the floods came, and the winds blew and beat on that house; and it did not fall, for it was founded on the rock” (Matt. 7:24–25, NKJV).

“Thus says the Lord, ‘I have healed this water; from it there shall be no more death or barrenness’” (2 Kings 2:21).

In this update:

  1. GYM—Foundations for Sustained Fruitfulness

  2. Now That the Barrenness Has Been Broken…

  3. Yarn Alive

  4. ILSOM—Online Participation Now Available

GYM—Foundations for Sustained Fruitfulness

I want us to continue to look at and pray for GYM, the forty-week “foundations” course that Mike and Rachel lead. Please consider signing up (multiple languages are available) at The course runs from September 17, 2020 through July 15, 2021.

You all know that my assignment from the Lord is teaching on the apostolic and prophetic and helping people enter these callings and anointings. I love doing that and know it has been vital for changing and helping many.

As important as that is, the key to sustained success and the ability to flourish is having proper foundations—basic things like knowing the goodness of God, how to honor others, and how to maintain healthy relationships. It’s like what Jesus said about making sure our lives are built on the rock and not on the sand (see Matt. 7:24–27).

Last week I was on a Zoom call with John and Carol Arnott and some other Catch the Fire leaders. They emphasized the same thing. No matter how powerfully a person may be touched by the Holy Spirit—no matter what incredible revelation or Holy Spirit fire they may experience, sooner or later, they will have to deal with basic issues in the foundations of their lives. Sadly, many have not done so and thus did not fulfill the great potential God had planned for them.

GYM is a course designed to make sure we have the right foundations in our lives.

Now That the Barrenness Has Been Broken…

You will remember that the Lord had spoken to us about breaking barrenness. He then gave the strategy of praying in tongues for thirty minutes a day for three weeks. Those three weeks ended on July 5. In both online services this past Sunday, we prayed over and declared barrenness broken in various areas (e.g., financial, relational, and physical). I think the questions now are: “What should our stance be from now on? How should we act? How should we think while we wait for the promise to manifest?” Here are some Biblical examples showing the behaviors of those who experienced barrenness being broken:

1. Peace, Confidence, and Joy—Hannah had grieved and cried out to the Lord. But when Eli said, “Go in peace and the God of Israel grant your petition,” she stopped living in sorrow and lived in peace and confidence (1 Sam. 1:17–18). A year later Samuel was born. Many of you have long cried out—and even wept—before the Lord. You did what God asked by praying in tongues for thirty minutes daily for three weeks. Now is the time to walk in peace and confidence, trusting the Lord to grant your petition.

2. Better to Be Struck Speechless than to Vocalize Negativity—Zacharias just couldn’t believe the message from the angel that Elizabeth’s barrenness would be broken (Luke 1:5–25). If God had to strike him unable to speak on the chance that his unintended negative speech could cancel the promise of broken barrenness (and the birth of John the Baptist, who was key to God’s plan), then surely we also need to be very careful. It’s understandable that we might have feelings of unbelief or fear that barrenness wasn’t actually broken after all. Just be sure to not vocalize them. It’s better to choose to be silent. After all, God may need that answer more than you do. Let’s not speak negatively and do anything to hinder it.

3. Speak Positively—In their twenty-fourth year of waiting, God told Abram and Sarai that in one-year’s time they would have a son. They were then told to change their names. Immediately Abram began calling himself Abraham,“father of many nations,” and Sarai became Sarah, “mother/princess of nations” (see Gen. 17). They did this in spite of twenty-four years of barrenness. Each time they spoke each other’s name, they were proclaiming nations would be birthed from them.

God didn’t ask us to change our names, but He did ask us to pray in tongues for thirty minutes a day for three weeks. We obeyed. Now we leave the rest to Him. In the meantime, we speak out. We choose not to remain silent, but to say, “Thank you, Lord. I am trusting you. I obeyed you. I leave all the rest to you.” The more our heart hears our mouth speaking the goodness of God, the more faith will arise.

4. Don’t Try to Figure Out the “How.” It’s God’s Covenant; He Will Do It—Elisha did a prophetic act when he was asked to heal the waters of Jericho (see 2 Kings 2:19–22). He did more than just prophesy, “Thus says the Lord, ‘I have healed this water; from it there shall be no more death or barrenness’” (2:21). He also performed the prophetic act of throwing salt from a new bowl into the water. Salt represents God’s covenant with us. God is the one who chose us. He is the one who said He will take care of us. He is the one who promised He will do whatever miracle is necessary to make us fruitful. Elisha threw salt and trusted our covenant-keeping God.

How about us? We obeyed the Lord. We prayed and declared barrenness broken. We did prophesy. But our prophetic act was praying in tongues for three weeks. There is nothing more for us to do. Just rest in the Lord. He will do the miracle; He will bring forth life. It’s His covenant!

Yarn Alive

Yarn Alive activities are altered, but they have resumed. Please keep praying for this amazing ministry that has such favor in this city.

If you are interested in helping financially, please contact or visit

(ILSOM) Catch the Fire Training Program—Online Participation Also Available

  • We also decided to make this training program available live online. Registration is still required, and registration fees will apply.

  • Sept. 19–22, Sano, Japan, Catch the Fire ILSOM online registration is now open, and early registration is more cost effective:

Thanks so much for praying!

Ron and Teddy

ロン・サーカ・ミニストリーズ ウィークリーアップデート

2020年7月8日 聖書暦5780年 タンムズの月16日




1)GYM: 実り豊かさを保つ土台





マイクとレイチェルが導く40週間の土台を据えるコースについて、引き続き注目し、祈りたいです。また、申し込むことを検討してください。(日本語又は英語で受講することが出来ます) 期間は2020年9月17日から2021年7月15日までです。



先週、ジョンとキャロル・アーノットを含むCatch The Fireのリーダーとウェブ会議をしました。その会議で彼らは同じことを強調していました。どれほど強く聖霊に触れられても、どれほど素晴らしい啓示と聖霊の炎を受け取っても、いずれは人生の基本的な土台の問題を対処する必要があるでしょう。悲しいことに、多くの人は対処していないので、神が与えた素晴らしい計画とポテンシャルを完全に実現できてません。













ILSOM Catch The Fireのトレーニング・スクール:オンライン参加が可能になりましたので、ご登録ください。







2020年7月8日; 5780年搭模斯月16日




1. GYM—為持續結果子打好基礎

2. 貧瘠和不孕已經打破

3. 編織求生事工

4. 點火事工·國際領袖事奉學校(ILSOM)線上課程及報名








相信大家記得神向我們啟示了打破貧瘠的信息。然後神賜下了連續三個禮拜每天方言禱告30分鐘的策略,7月5日是這三週的最後一天。週日的兩場線上聚會中,我們禱告並宣告各個領域中的貧瘠(例如財務、關係和身體上)都已破除。我想,現在問題變成:“今後我們應是什麼態度?該如何做?在等候應許彰顯的時間裡,我們應當怎樣想?” 以下列舉一些聖經中的例子,展示了那些經歷了貧瘠被破除之人的反應:

1. 平安、自信與喜樂——哈拿在主面前愁苦哭泣,但是當以利說:“你可以平平安安地回去,願以色列的神允准你向他所求的!” 她就不再生活在悲傷之中,轉而活在平安和自信裡(撒上1:17–18)。一年之後,撒母耳出生了。有很多人曾在神面前長久呼求,甚至哭泣。你們按照神的吩咐,連續三週每天方言禱告30分鐘。現在,是時候走進平安和信心了,相信主會答允你們所求的。

2. 寧可被噤聲也不說消極的話——撒迦利亞就是不肯相信天使所報的消息,不生育的以利沙伯竟然要懷孕生子(路1:5–25)。如果神不得不讓他變成啞巴,免得他無意說出的負面話語阻礙了破除不孕的應許成就(以及神計劃的關鍵,施洗約翰的誕生),那我們當然也要十分謹慎。我們可能會有不信的想法或恐懼,覺得貧瘠不孕的狀況可能根本沒有改變。但是千萬要守住底線,不要宣告出來。寧可選擇保持靜默。畢竟,神有可能比你更需要那個答案。讓我們禁止消極的話語,盡一切所能避免它。

3. 宣告積極的話語——經過了漫長的24年的等候,有一天神告訴亞伯蘭和撒萊,一年後他們將要生一個兒子。然後,神要他們改名字。亞伯蘭立刻改名叫自己亞伯拉罕,意思是“多國的父”,撒萊也成為了撒拉,意思是“多國之母”(創17)。儘管24年中一直沒有生育,他們還是遵旨而行。每次他們稱呼彼此的名字,他們都是在宣告列國將從他們而出。

神沒有讓我們改名字,但祂確實要我們連續三週每天方言禱告30分鐘,我們也照樣做了。 現在我們把餘下的工作交託給神。同時,我們還要宣告出來。我們選擇不靜默,而是說:“感謝主,我信靠祢、順服祢,也把剩下的一切事交給祢。” 我們的心越多聽見自己口中宣告神的良善,就越能生出信心。

4. 不要試圖研究“怎麼辦”,這是神的約,祂會負責——當耶利哥城的人求以利沙醫好他們的水時,以利沙做了一個先知性動作(王下2:19–22)。他不僅預言道:「耶和華如此說:’我治好了這水,從此必不再使人死,也不再使地土不生產」(王下2:21),而且做了先知性動作,將新瓶裡裝的鹽倒在水中。鹽代表神與我們立的約。神是揀選我們的那一位,也是說過要顧念我們的那一位,祂應許過祂會行各樣必要的神蹟來幫助我們豐盛。以利沙撒了鹽,相信我們的神是守約的神。









Ron and Teddy Sawka榮撒卡和泰迪撒卡

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