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Blessings for the Hebrew Month of Nissan

Blessings for the Hebrew Month of Nissan

Nissan—The First Hebrew Month of 5781 March 14–April 12, 2021

Judah Goes FirstLet This Be a Month of Extra Praise

I am so glad the Lord invites us to walk with Him through the months of the year. Nissan is the first month and is when Israel’s deliverance started. The Lord told them from then on to number the months (Exod. 12:1–2 [1]). Later Passover occurred, and they would find themselves set completely free. They walked out of slavery and Egypt, and into a life of freedom and walking with the Lord. I am so glad that we can experience more of the works of His great salvation, including more deliverance and increasing freedom.

Nissan also marks the beginning of God’s redemption cycle and holds the first of the three major feasts: Passover (March 27–28)/Feast of Unleavened Bread (March 28–April 4)/Feast of Firstfruits (April 3–4). The other two main feasts are Pentecost in the third month, and Tabernacles in the seventh month.

Blessings for Nissan (sometimes referred to as Aviv)

1. This is the first of the months and the beginning of the redemption cycle (Exod. 12:2). It’s also the first month when we can—and should—announce and keep declaring there is a new beginning in Japan and that the time of harvest is here!

2. It is also the month of the tribe of Judah. Judah goes first—first into warfare (see Judges 1:2 [2]; 20:18 [3]) and also first when moving to a new place. Judah was the first tribe in the order of procession when Israel moved in the wilderness (Num. 10:14 [4]). Judah also means “praise,” and praise is the way we can keep our hand on the neck of the enemy (Gen. 49:8 [5]). Determine to sing and praise a lot this month.

3. The month in which spring often starts; the beginning of the month of direct light. Declare your light is getting brighter. (See Isaiah 60; Luke 2:32 [6]; Isaiah 49:6 [7]; and Acts 26:18 [8].) Declare His light is shining even in the places that have been dark until now.

4. Month of Passover (starts on the 14th of Nissan, March 27–28). Passover is designed to help us enter into a richer experience of our great salvation in Jesus. We do this by examining the first Passover. Note the following things:

  • Deliverance. Israel was set free from Egypt. We need to remember and thank the Lord for where we came from. Peter was delivered from prison during Passover week (Acts 12). Expect a new level of deliverance.

  • A time of crossing over (first the Red Sea in Exodus 14, and then the Jordan River in Joshua 4–5). This year in particular, 5781, is a year of crossing into the new doors God has for us. It is critical to both realize that He will indeed make clear the new doors for us, and then to decide to cross into that new territory, new challenge, or new expansion.

  • Reproach is being rolled away (Josh. 5:9 [9]). Any old sense of failure that is still a part of our identities that is allowed to remain will hinder us. Jesus wants to roll that off of us.

  • New provision (Exod. 12:35–36 [10]; Josh. 5:10–12 [11]). Each Passover is a time when the Lord wants to bless us with new provision. Look for it. Expect it!

5. The month of redemption. (A price has been paid for you to be set free from each one of your “prisons.”) Read Ruth, and see how Boaz bought back the property that had been lost for Ruth and Naomi, and how this brought Ruth into her destiny. Declare all is being unlocked and that you are moving into your destiny. Jesus has bought back your destiny.

6. The month of the beginning of miracles. See Nehemiah 2:1 [12] and Esther 3:7 [13]. In both cases, the miraculous chain of events was set into motion during Nissan.

7. The month that sets the course for your future. Again, this is why it is so important to keep moving in praise.

8. The annual renewal of God’s hei plan. Every year, the spirit of God needs to blow on you during this month. Ask the Holy Spirit to blow upon you for refreshing, for new revelation, and for a quickened understanding of what God is doing in this new season.

9. Linked to the constellation Aries (the ram or the lamb). Jesus is the lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world (John 1:29 [14]). God provided a ram for Abraham to sacrifice instead of Isaac. He is Jehovah Jireh and God will provide (Gen. 22:14 [15]). Expect unusual sources of provision.

10. The month kings go to war; the new year for kings. God wants to “expand” you. Declare that plans and new beginnings shall begin to take place. Go to war with the Lord! (2 Sam. 11:1 [16]).

11. The month of speech. If you speak negatively during this month, it will adversely affect you three to four months later. The seeds of negativity take root and will pull you backward. Conversely, your positive confessions should “grab the wind” and change the atmosphere. (See 1 Peter 3:9 [17]; 1 Samuel 1:17 [18]; 2:20–21 [19].)

12. The “controller month.” Put your best foot forward. You need to assess both where you are at and where you are going.

13. The month where you need to “learn to fish.” If you can’t pay your taxes, pull a coin out of a fish’s mouth. Let the Lord give you new and unusual means of supply. (See Matt. 17:27 [20].)

14. You must step forward. Don’t wait and hold back. Move ahead confidently in God. Numbers 33:3 (AMP) says, “The Israelites went out [of Egypt] with a high hand and triumphantly.”

(Note: The source material comes from my 2006 notes taken from a series of lectures [on CD] given by Chuck Pierce [Glory of Zion]. I highly recommend his website for more materials and more in-depth explanations. –Ron Sawka)


[1] “Now the Lord spoke to Moses and Aaron in the land of Egypt, saying, ‘This month shall be your beginning of months; it shall be the first month of the year to you’” (Exod. 12:1–2).

[2] “And the Lord said, ‘Judah shall go up. Indeed I have delivered the land into his hand’” (Judg. 1:2).

[3] “Then the children of Israel arose and went up to the house of God to inquire of God. They said, ‘Which of us shall go up first to battle against the children of Benjamin?’ The Lord said, ‘Judah first!’” (Judg. 20:18).

[4] “The standard of the camp of the children of Judah set out first according to their armies” (Num. 10:14).

[5] “Judah, you are he whom your brothers shall praise; your hand shall be on the neck of your enemies” (Gen. 49:8).

[6] “A light to bring revelation to the Gentiles, and the glory of Your people Israel” (Luke 2:32).

[7] “I will also give You as a light to the Gentiles, that You should be My salvation to the ends of the earth” (Isa. 49:6).

[8] “To open their eyes, in order to turn them from darkness to light” (Acts 26:18).

[9] “Then the Lord said to Joshua, ‘This day I have rolled away the reproach of Egypt from you’” (Josh. 5:9).

[10] Now the children of Israel had done according to the word of Moses, and they had asked from the Egyptians articles of silver, articles of gold, and clothing. And the Lord had given the people favor in the sight of the Egyptians, so that they granted them what they requested. Thus they plundered the Egyptians” (Exod. 12:35–36).

[11] “Now the children of Israel camped in Gilgal, and kept the Passover on the fourteenth day of the month at twilight on the plains of Jericho. And they ate of the produce of the land on the day after the Passover, unleavened bread and parched grain, on the very same day. Then the manna ceased on the day after they had eaten the produce of the land; and the children of Israel no longer had manna, but they ate the food of the land of Canaan that year” (Josh. 5:10–12).

[12] “And it came to pass in the month of Nisan, in the twentieth year of King Artaxerxes, when wine was before him, that I took the wine and gave it to the king” (Neh. 2:1).

[13] “In the first month, which is the month of Nisan, in the twelfth year of King Ahasuerus, they cast Pur (that is, the lot)” (Esther 3:7).

[14] “The next day John saw Jesus coming toward him, and said, ‘Behold! The Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world!’” (John 1:29).

[15] “And Abraham called the name of the place, The-Lord-Will-Provide; as it is said to this day, ‘In the Mount of the Lord it shall be provided’” (Gen. 22:14).

[16] “It happened in the spring of the year, at the time when kings go out to battle” (2 Sam. 11:1).

[17] “Not returning evil for evil or reviling for reviling, but on the contrary blessing, knowing that you were called to this, that you may inherit a blessing” (1 Pet. 3:9).

[18] “Then Eli answered and said, ‘Go in peace, and the God of Israel grant your petition which you have asked of Him’” (1 Sam. 1:17).

[19] “And Eli would bless Elkanah and his wife, and say, ‘The Lord give you descendants from this woman for the loan that was given to the Lord.’ Then they would go to their own home. And the Lord visited Hannah, so that she conceived and bore three sons and two daughters. Meanwhile the child Samuel grew before the Lord” (1 Sam. 2:20–21).

[20] “Nevertheless, lest we offend them, go to the sea, cast in a hook, and take the fish that comes up first. And when you have opened its mouth, you will find a piece of money; take that and give it to them for Me and you” (Matt. 17:27).



ニサン:へブル歴の最初の月 5781年