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Blessings for the Hebrew Month of Kislev

Blessings for the Hebrew Month of Kislev

Kislev—The Ninth Hebrew Month of 5781

November 17–December 15, 2020

Advance by Keeping Your Alignment

Don’t forget what you have learned

1. The month of the tribe of Benjamin. He was the only one of the twelve born in the land of Israel. Let’s be sure to keep our eyes on Israel. Keep praying for it. Remember the Lord said to Abraham, “I will bless those who bless you” (Gen. 12:3).

2. A month to develop your warfare strategies, and a month to have prophetic revelation for war. Benjamin was the most gifted with the bow (which represents the prophetic). Genesis 49:27 states, “Benjamin is a ravenous wolf; in the morning he shall devour the prey, and at night he shall divide the spoil.” Ask the Lord for strategies. Be sure to receive prophetic ministry, and meditate on prophecies you have already received. Don’t underestimate prophecy. “Despise not prophesying” (1 Thes. 5:20).

3. A month to enter into a new level of trust and rest. “Believe the prophets and you will prosper” (2 Chron. 20:20). Be sure to rest in what the Lord has promised. Meditate on what the Lord has already spoken to you (1 Tim. 4:15).

4. The month of the Hebrew letter samekh [ס], which looks like a circle. It signifies trust, confidence, support, and coming full circle. We are in a season of developing trust and confidence. If those attributes remain undeveloped, you will find yourself going around the “same old cycle” again and again and will not break into the new. Meditate on Hebrew 10:35 [1]. Rest in the truth of what you experienced during the Feast of Tabernacles—that Jesus wants to be part of your family, part of your regular daily life.

5. A month to review your support system. Whom do you support? Who supports you? Who are your friends? Recognize that each one is from the Lord and treat them with honor and thankfulness.

6. The month of the rainbow. You must “war” to have peace. This Biblical concept is very important to recognize. Peace will not just happen; we have to choose to stand in faith, joy, and thanksgiving. Don’t accept the words of the “accuser of the brethren” (Rev. 12:10) against anyone. Trust the Lord to take care of “problem people” and don’t worry about them. Paul exhorts us to “walk properly, as in the day … not in strife and envy” (Rom. 13:13).

7. The month of a sense of peace and tranquility. Last month marked the beginning of Noah’s flood and was a reminder to us to understand that a flood is a sign that we have something in our lives we have to deal with. God doesn’t want you to have to go through a flood again. Warfare is not just battling against chaos attacking you. Rather, you must be on the offensive, attacking the conflict, and having peace in the midst of it.

8. The month of dreams. The Lord has been “piling up” things throughout the year; now He releases that revelation during the night. I have found it very helpful to reorder my day. Once I started thinking of the 24-hour cycle as starting in the evening, I found myself sleeping better and many dreams began to come. Let the Lord reset your day.

9. You may have to let God heal you of some trauma so you can sleep better as well as receive dreams (which are sometimes blocked by trauma). Some dreams are just God replaying a memory of something. If needed, ask the Lord to heal you of that trauma and He will. We know from Psalm 127:2 that “He gives His beloved sleep.”

10. The month of the belly/womb/abdomen/river of God. The Lord wants us to have His peace, as well as to have an overflowing, abundant life. Ask Him for more and more outpouring of His Spirit upon you. Also, ask and believe for any physical healing you may need in this area of your body. Finally, think about the river of God in Ezekiel 40. Revelation is progressive: ankle deep, knee deep, then swimmably deep. God wants to carry us along in that river.

11. A month to shoot straight and move quickly. This means when it is time to decide, make the decision and move. Also, don’t be afraid to cut your losses and move on through.

12. The month of Sagittarius (the archer). It’s a time to fight against empires and cultures. Watch Israel, America, and any covenant nation. I feel the Lord is drawing our attention again to the prophetic and we will see it play a more significant role in our lives.

13. The eight-day-long Jewish holiday of Hanukkah begins during Kislev and then ends during the next month, Tevet (this year Hanukkah runs from December 10–18). Hanukkah is about the rededication of the rebuilding of the temple, and signifies that God’s light will not go out. Let’s thank the Lord that He is continuing to rebuild our lives; that His light will not go out but will shine brighter and brighter in us.

(This material comes from my 2006 notes taken from a series of lectures [on CD] given by Chuck Pierce [Glory of Zion]. I highly recommend his website for more materials and more in-depth explanations. —Ron Sawka)


[1] “Therefore do not cast away your confidence, which has great reward” (Heb. 10:35).








4)Tヘブル文字「サメクsamekh [ס]」の月です。この文字は、円のような形をしています。それは信頼、確信、サポート、物事の完結をあらわします。私たちは、今、信頼と確信を建て上げる季節に置かれています。もし、それらのものが建て上げられていなければ、「同じ古いサイクル」を何度も繰り返し、新しい所に入って行くことができなくなってしまいます。ヘブル10:35のみ言葉を思い巡らしましょう。仮庵の祭りの期間中に体験した真理に休みなさい。イエスはあなたの家族の一員となりたいのです。あなたの私生活の一部となりたいのです。


6)虹の月です。平安を得るために、「戦わなければ」なりません。このような聖書的考え方を認識することは非常に大切です。平安/平和は、自動的にもたらされるものではありません。私たちは、信仰・喜び・感謝に立つことを選び取らなければならないのです。 ”兄弟たちの告発者”(黙示12:10)たちからの言葉を受け入れないようにしましょう。問題を引き起こす関係は主が取り除いてくださると信じましょう。パウロは私たちが下記の生活をするように励ましています。”・・・争い、ねたみの生活ではなく、昼間らしい、正しい生き方をしようではありませんか。”(ローマ13:13)




10)腹/胎/神の川の月です。主が望んでおられることは私たちがご自身の平安を受け取り、私たちが溢れるほどに豊かな人生を歩むことです。あなたの上に聖霊がますます豊かに注がれるよう求めましょう。また、腹/胎に癒しが必要なら、肉体の癒しも求め信じましょう。エゼキエル47章の神の川について考えましょう。啓示とは漸進的なものです。: くるぶしまでの深さ、膝までの深さ、そして泳げるほどに深くなるのです。神は私たちが単に歩くのではなく、神の川の流れによって運ばれることを願っておられるのです。









1. 便雅憫支派的月份,他是十二支派中唯一在以色列地出生的。我們一定要關注以色列並且持續的為其禱告,要記得主告訴亞伯拉罕的:「為你祝福的,我必賜福與他」(創12:3)。

2. 發展你的爭戰策略,和為爭戰領受先知性啟示的月份。便雅憫最有射箭技巧的恩賜(這代表先知性),創世紀49:27說:「便雅憫是個撕掠的狼,早晨要喫他所抓的,晚上要分他所奪的」。要求主賜下策略,務必接受先知性的服事,並默想你曾領受的預言,不要輕看預言:「不要藐視先知的講論」(帖前5:20)。

3. 進入一個新層次的信心和安息的月份。「信他的先知就必亨通」(代下20:20),要確實地對神所應許的事物安息,默想主曾對你說過的話(提前4:15)。

4. 希伯來字母“samekh” [ס]的月份,看起來像圓圈,象徵信靠、自信、支持和完成週期。我們正在一個發展信靠和自信的季節,如果不在這些領域發展,你會發現自己不斷在舊的循環裡原地打轉,無法突破進入新的領域。要默想希伯來書10:35,要保持在你在住棚節所經歷的,就是耶穌想要成為你的家人,想要成為你日常生活的一部分。

5. 省察你的支援系統的月份。你幫助了誰?誰在幫助你?誰是你的朋友?要認出每一個都是來自於主,並要以尊榮和感恩相待。

6. 彩虹的月份。你必須為平安“爭戰”,這個聖經概念的認知極為重要。平安不會自然發生,我們需要選擇站立在信心、喜樂和感恩上。不要接受 “控告我們弟兄的”(啟12:10)針對任何人的話語,要相信主會看顧有問題的人,不要為他們擔心。保羅勸告我們說:「行事為人要端正,好像行在白晝…不可爭競嫉妒」(羅13:13)。

7. 平安和安詳的月份。上個月是挪亞洪水開始的月份,洪水是提醒我們在生命中有需要處理的事情的信號,神不要你在經歷洪水一次。爭戰不只是抵擋周圍的混亂,而是必須採取攻勢,要攻擊混亂,在其中保持平安。

8. 異夢的月份。主在一年中“聚集”許多的東西;祂現在要在夜間釋放出這些啟示。我發現重設我的日子對我很有幫助,當我開始想到一天24小時的周期是從夜晚開始,我就睡得更好並且開始作許多異夢。讓主來重設你的日子。

9. 你可能必須讓神醫治一些創傷,使你能睡得更好,並且能領受異夢(有些被創傷攔阻)。有些夢是神使一些記憶重現,如果需要,求主來醫治你的創傷,祂會成就的。我們從詩篇127:2知道:「惟有耶和華所親愛的,必叫他安然睡覺」。

10. 肚子/子宮/腹部/神的河水的月份。主渴望我們擁有祂的平安、滿溢和豐盛的生命,所以要祈求祂把祂的靈更多地澆灌在你身上。另外,要求問神並且相信你身體這個部位需要醫治的會得到醫治。最後要思想以西結書47章裡神的江河,啟示是漸進的,先是踝子骨,然後水深到膝,最後可以洑水,神要在祂的江河中扶持我們。

11. 筆直射出並快速移動的月份,意思是現在是決定的時候,要下決心前進,並且要忘記背後,努力面前。

12. 人馬星群(射手)的月份。這是抵擋君權和文化的時候,要注意觀看以色列、美國,和所有公約的國家。我也感到主再次將我們的注意力吸引到先知性,我們將看到它在我們的生活中扮演著越來越重要的角色

13. 通常持續八天猶太人的光明節在這個月開始,到下個月結束(今年光明節期在12月10-18日) 。光明節是有關聖殿的重建並象徵神的光永不熄滅。讓我們感謝主,祂正在持續地重建我們的生命;祂的光永不會熄滅,必會在我們裡面越照越明。

(這是從2006年Glory of Zion恰克皮爾斯的CD講座節錄,我極力推薦你們上他的網站,擷取更多資料和更完整的解釋---榮撒卡。)

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