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Blessings for the Hebrew Month of Adar

Blessings for the Hebrew Month of Adar

Adar—The Twelfth Hebrew Month of 5781 February 13–March 13, 2021

A Time to Enter Your True Identity

Understanding—and also entering into—our true identity is a main key that unlocks the door to our destiny. Gideon was a fearful nobody until the day he understood who he really was—a warrior who would set Israel free (see Judges 6). And one might make the case that when John the Baptist got the revelation that he was “the voice of one shouting in the wilderness, ‘Make straight the way for the Lord’” (John 1:23), his destiny speeded up. The very next day he met Jesus (see John 1:22–29).

Blessings for Adar

1. Month of the tribe of Naphtali, which means “sweetness to me” (Note Deut. 33:23, which states, “Naphtali is abounding with favor of the Lord”). The curse has been overturned. Celebrate it. The more we celebrate and are thankful for it, the more we will actually experience the goodness of our salvation.

2. Month of eloquent communication and expressions of joy and laughter. Genesis 49:21 states, “Naphtali is a deer let loose; he uses beautiful words.” Don’t just have an opinion or understanding that God has brought you into favor—but talk about it, and talk about it well. When we are thankful to someone, we go to great lengths to find the correct words to express it. Ask the Holy Spirit to help you express your thanks and appreciation to the Lord for His favor. Talk about it!

3. Month of Pisces, the fishes. Finding your supply in the “hidden” world (e.g., the gold coin in the fish’s mouth). Provision is more than just finances. It also has to do with identity. There is an identity for you in the invisible world and you must find it. The angels recognize it, as do the demonic forces. Step into that identity.

4. God has cycles to help us come into our identity. What we are in our spirit will be reflected physically. Some of God’s tools to help us enter our identity include celebration, expressing our thankfulness, and family. The more I find my place in His family, the more my true identity emerges. It’s also why God wants to restore our natural families.

5. The month of the letter kaf (כ), which looks like a mask. It’s a time to remove any masquerade and enter into laughter; enter into the true joy of who you are. We need to remove the mask. We don’t remove the mask by trying to be more spiritual (e.g., more prayer or more praise). No, we remove it by reaching out to and loving the members of God’s family.

6. A month to overturn anxiety over your supply. If you remove anxiety, then you can see your supply. But if you are ruled by anxiety, then you can miss the provision God has for you (Phil. 4:6–7) [1].

7. The month of laughter, abounding joy, the witnessing of life entering into darkness, the advantage of light over darkness, the power of barrenness being broken. No matter what the darkness is, laugh and watch God permeate it. Light permeates darkness. When we see this, barrenness will break. Begin to laugh at fear (Ps. 34:4–6) [2]. Try it. Is some fearful thing oppressing you? Laugh at it.

8. The month of the spleen. Pull out any roots of depression and despair so that faith can break through into our thought processes.

9. The month Moses was born. Your deliverance is forming. Take a look at whatever is holding you captive and declare God’s truth. Declare He is already forming deliverance and freedom for you, and that it is on the way (Exod. 2:10) [3].

10. The feast of Purim. This feast originates with Esther. The devil inspired Haman to get an edict decreeing all the Jews in the Persian empire were to be slaughtered on Adar 13. God had placed Esther as wife of the emperor “for such a time as this” (4:14–16) [4]. The edict could not be reversed, but because of her an addendum was added permitting the Jews to defend themselves. Adar 13, which would have been a day of annihilation, turned into a day of great victory over their enemies. The next day, Adar 14, became the Feast of Purim. Daily celebrate that every plan of the enemy against you has already been overturned by Jesus. By celebrating, you enter into that victory.

11. A month to develop your war strategy against the anti-Christ spirit. Don’t let the giants produce fear in you; guard against idolatry. Amalek will try to come. Don’t end the year in fear. See Exodus 17:8–16. Note that Amalek attacked from the rear. Be sure you are not “holding back.” Also, when Moses’s hands were held up, Israel prevailed. For us, this means we can keep our “hands raised” by staying in faith and joy (remember Purim is about joy). This will keep us in the victory of the Lord.

12. A time for wrong decrees to be broken off of you. If wrong decrees are heeded to, they will encircle you and will cause others to say the same negative things about you. You need to break off the negative things decreed about you. I suggest praying and asking the Holy Spirit to reveal some wrong decrees, both self-made, and “others-made.” Forgive those who uttered them, put the blood of Jesus on those wrong decrees, and then break them in His name.

13. A time for leadership to awaken. Next month they go to war.

(This material comes from my 2006 notes taken from a series of lectures given by Chuck Pierce [Glory of Zion]. I highly recommend his website for more materials and more in-depth explanations. —Ron Sawka)


[1] “Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God; and the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus” (Phil. 4:6–7).

[2] “I sought the Lord, and He heard me, and delivered me from all my fears. They looked to Him and were radiant, and their faces were not ashamed. This poor man cried out, and the Lord heard him, and saved him out of all his troubles” (Ps. 34:4–6).

[3] “And the child grew, and she brought him to Pharaoh’s daughter, and he became her son. So she called his name Moses, saying, ‘Because I drew him out of the water’” (Exod. 2:10).

[4] “‘For if you remain completely silent at this time, relief and deliverance will arise for the Jews from another place, but you and your father’s house will perish. Yet who knows whether you have come to the kingdom for such a time as this?’ Then Esther told them to reply to Mordecai: ‘Go, gather all the Jews who are present in Shushan, and fast for me; neither eat nor drink for three days, night or day. My maids and I will fast likewise. And so I will go to the king, which is against the law; and if I perish, I perish!’” (Esther 4:14–16).






2)雄弁なコミュニケーションと喜び・笑いの表現の月です。創世記49:21には、 「ナフタリは放たれた雌鹿で、美しいことばを出す。」と書いてあります。神が好意を与えてくださっていることを知っているだけにとどまらないようにしましょう。そのことを語りましょう。よく語りましょう。誰かに対して感謝を伝える場合はその気持ちをよく表現する言葉を懸命に探すでしょう。主の好意に対する感謝をどのように主に伝えることができるか聖霊に助けを求めましょう。そのことを語りましょう!



5)ヘブル文字「カフkaf (כ)」の月です。マスクのような形をしています。あらゆるマスクを取り除き、自分らしくいることの喜びのうちを歩む時です。マスクは外さなければなりません。もっと霊的になろうとするという意味ではありません。(もっと祈る、もっと賛美する、など。)そうではなく、神の家族と繋がり、人々を愛することでそうしていきましょう。


7)笑い、豊かな喜びの月です。暗闇に命がもたらされ、暗闇を光が圧倒し、不妊・不毛の力が打ち砕かれるのを見ます。暗闇がどのようなものであっても、笑いましょう。そして、神が暗闇に入って行かれるのを見届けましょう。暗闇に光が浸透していきます。それを見るなら、不妊・不毛さが打ち砕かれます。恐れに対して笑い始めましょう。(詩篇34:4-6) ぜひこのことを実行してください!何かの恐れによって圧迫されているように感じていますか?そのことに向かって笑い飛ばしましょう。




11)反キリストに対する戦略を建て上げる時です。巨人があなたの内に恐れを生み出さないようにしましょう。偶像礼拝に対して自分を守りましょう。アマレクがやってこようとします。恐れの内に一年を終えることがないようにしましょう。出エジプト記17:8-16を見ましょう。 アマレクが後方から攻撃してきたことを心に留めましょう。自分が「後ろに引きさがって」いることがないように注意しましょう。また、モーセの上がっている時は、イスラエルは勝利していました。信仰と喜びの内に両手を高く掲げているようにしましょう。そうすることで主の勝利のうちにとどまることができます。








1. 拿弗他利支派的月份,意思是“我的甘甜”(申命記33:23,拿弗他利是「足沾恩惠,滿得耶和華的福」) 。咒詛已經被破除了,所以我們要歡慶。我們越多的歡慶和為此感恩,就越能實際的經歷救恩的美好。

2. 盡情的表達喜樂和歡笑的月份。創49:21:「拿弗他利是被釋放的母鹿;他出佳美的言語」。不要對神給你恩寵這件事只停留在觀念和知道的層面,要說出來,並且要好好的表達出來。當我們感謝某人時,我們會竭盡所能的找到對的詞彙來表達。要請求聖靈來幫助你表達感謝,為主給你的恩寵感謝。要說出來!

3. 雙魚星群的月份。在 “隱藏”的世界中找到你的供應(在魚嘴裡的金幣)。供應不只侷限於財務,這也關乎身分認定。在不可見的世界你有真實的身分,並且我們必須發現它。天使和魔鬼都知道你是誰,要進入我們的真實身分。

4. 神設定了週期來幫助我們走進我們的身分,我們在屬靈層面的身分會反應在地上。神幫助我們進入身分的一些方法是:歡慶、表達我們的感謝、家庭。上個月是關於連結,我們越多在家庭中找到我們的位置,我們真實的身分就會越多顯露,這也是為什麼神要恢復我們肉身的家庭。

5. 這個月的希伯來字母是kaf (כ),看起來像面具。這是除去一切面具、進入歡笑和進入你真實身分的喜樂的時刻。我們需要除去面具,但不是靠著更屬靈來除去面具(例如更多禱告、更多讚美),不,我們是靠著接觸並愛神的家庭成員來除去面具。

6. 勝過憂愁和焦慮的月份,包括為供應憂慮。如果除去憂慮,就會看見你的供應;如果被憂慮挾制,將無法看到神已為你預備的供應(腓4:6-7)。

7. 歡笑和大喜樂,並見證生命進入黑暗、光明勝過黑暗、不孕育的權勢被打破的月份。不論黑暗為何,要歡笑並觀看神穿越了所有的黑暗。光會穿透黑暗的權勢,當我們能夠明白這點,不孕育會被攻破;要開始嗤笑恐懼(詩34:4–6)。要嘗試如此做!有任何恐懼的事情在壓迫你嗎?嗤笑它!

8. 脾臟的月份。要除去一切憂慮和失望的根源,使信心可以突破進入我們的思想過程。

9. 摩西誕生的月份,意思是你的救贖正形成。要正視綑綁你的事情並宣告主的真理,宣告神已創造了你的釋放和自由,並且即將臨到!(出2:10) 。

10. 普珥節的月份。這個節期起源於以斯帖。魔鬼激發哈曼得到法令,在亞達月13日將波斯帝國中所有的猶太人屠殺盡淨。但神已將以斯帖置於皇后的位置,為了「現今的機會」(斯4:14-16)。雖然這個屠殺的法令無法被撤銷,但她增加了法令的補充,允許猶太人為自己捍衛。因此亞達月13日本來將會是毀滅之日,轉變成為擊敗敵人的偉大勝利之日。你要透過歡慶進入這個得勝中。

11. 發展你的爭戰策略,來抵擋敵基督的靈的月份。不要讓巨人使你產生恐懼;要保守自己遠離偶像。亞瑪力人會設法潛入,不要讓今年以懼怕結束。見出埃及記17:8–16。注意亞瑪力人是從後方攻擊,要確定你沒有“後退”;同時,當摩西的手被舉高,以色列就得勝。對我們來說,這意味著我們可以透過保持信心和喜樂來“舉手”(要記得普珥節是關於喜樂),這將使我們持守在主的得勝裡。

12. 破除你錯誤宣告的時刻。如果聽信錯誤的論斷,會讓你被圍困,導致別人也對你說同樣負面的話語。你必須破除對你負面的宣告,我建議你禱告求聖靈啟示你一些錯誤的話語,無論是出自你自己或是別人加給你的,饒恕那些對你說負面話語的人,求基督的寶血塗抹這些負面的宣判,然後奉耶穌的名破除它們。

13. 領袖特質甦醒的時刻,下個月他們將要出戰。

(這是從2006年Glory of Zion恰克皮爾斯的CD講座節錄,我極力推薦你們上他的網站,擷取更多資料和更完整的解釋---榮撒卡。)

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