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Blessings for the Hebrew Month Elul

Updated: Aug 17, 2020

Elul: The Sixth Hebrew Month Triumph, Reaping, and Increase

I like the tradition of reading Psalm 27 each day during this month. The Lord is our light and salvation. He brings increase and victory. We all know there are difficult things we need to go through and we must be ever watchful. But now we must focus on the fact that He brings us revelation (light) and victory (salvation).

Blessings for Elul

1. The month of the tribe of Gad. When Gad was being born Leah said, “A troop comes” (Gen. 30:11), which indicates increase. Also note Jacob’s blessing in Genesis 49:19, which states, “Even though a troop will trample over him, he shall triumph.” This also indicates that this is a month of triumph and victory.

2. The month to camp—or to find your place in the order of camps—in the company of the Lord. This is often the head of the year (the beginning of the Hebrew year often falls during this month). A mistrust of others or a desire to “go at it alone” are because of roots of rejection or an orphan spirit. Last month was about shifting into our identity. The more we are connected to and are part of God’s family, the more this shifting will come about.

3. The month of rewards. Rewards begin to manifest over what you have done. Think “reward.” You will begin to reap what you have sown. If you constantly labor and never see the reward, you’ll get burned out. You need to know how to abound. (In Philippians 4:12, Paul said that he knew how to abound.) Also in these end times, let us remember the sowing-reaping cycle is rapidly speeding up.

4. The month that the King is in the field. He is coming to visit us and to help us in our work and ministry. Approach Him and allow His countenance to shine upon you. There is an awe of God that we come into so He can pour Himself out upon us.

5. The month of the Hebrew letter yod [י]. Yod is connected to the number ten. It is the only letter that is suspended in midair; it indicates appointed mercy from the hand of God. Ask Him for mercy for any situation in your life that needs solving.

6. The month of Virgo (the maiden). “I am my beloved’s, and my beloved is mine” (Song of Sol. 6:3). The more we are connected to His family, the more we enter into intimacy with Him.

7. A month to run into the tower of might—a strength greater than yours that can encompass you. You don’t have to be strong all the time (see Proverbs 18:10), but you can enter into His strength.

8. A month for inner knowledge of peace to be activated. Always find time to “regroup” in order to be whole.

9. The “point month.” The understanding of the beginning so you can begin to reach your end.

10. The month to fix what has been broken. (If He doesn’t tell you it’s fixable, let it go.)

11. The month of complex systems beginning to be managed.

12. The “mother month.” The month of nurturing. This month is apostolic, just like Av. Whom are you looking after? Who is looking after you?

13. The month where Rebecca gave birth to Jacob and Esau. Do you “birth” blessing, or something that God is going to hate later on? What are you contending for? What is contending for you?

14. The month of the left hand—controlling the sense of action and good or bad emotions. You need to be sure your emotions are in good order. God gives us great ability to stand in the midst of emotional conflict and still abound. You don’t need to be someone who is unstable or unreliable. You have the ability to be a burden bearer.

(This material comes from my 2006 notes taken from a series of lectures [on CD] given by Chuck Pierce [Glory of Zion]. I highly recommend his website for more materials and more in-depth explanations. —Ron Sawka)



2)神の群れの中、また宿営の中で、自分の居場所を見出す月です。今月はだいたい年の初めになります。(ヘブル年はよくこの月に始まります。) 他人に対する不信感や”自分だけでやりたい”という思いの根底には拒絶や孤児の霊があります。先月は、アイデンティティーのうちにシフトする月でした。私たちが神の家族と繋ぎ合わされ、神の家族の一員となればなるほどこのシフトが起こっていきます。




6)乙女座の月です。「私は、私の愛する方のもの。私の愛する方は私のもの。」 (雅歌6:3) 私たちが神の家族にさらに繋ぎ合わされるとき、私たちは主とのさらに親密な関係に入っていきます。










以祿月的祝福 ,2020年8月21日~9月19日





1. 迦得支派的月份。迦得出生時,利亞說“一個軍隊來了”(創30:11),意指增加。也要注意在創世紀49:19雅各對他的祝福是:「迦得必被敵軍追逼,他卻要追逼他們的腳跟」,表示這個月是一個成功和得勝的月份。

2. 安營、在主的帳幕或主的次序中找到你位置的月份。這個月通常是一年之首(猶太曆一年的開始常落在這個月份)。對別人的不信任或想要單槍匹馬是因為拒絕的根或孤兒的靈。上個月是關於轉變進入我們的身分,我們越與主的家庭連結並成為一份子,這個轉變就越多發生。

3. 獎賞的月份。獎賞會開始彰顯在你所做的事上,要思想“獎賞”;你將會開始收成你所播種的。如果你不斷勞苦卻沒有得到獎賞,你會枯竭;你需要知道如何興盛(腓4:12,保羅說他知道如何處豐富),此外,在這末世,讓我們記得種與收的週期正在急劇的加速。

4. 王在禾塲上的月份;祂正在造訪我們,並要幫助我們的工作和服事。要親近祂並讓祂的面容照耀你。當我們親近敬畏神,祂就澆灌祂的同在在我們身上。

5. 希伯來字母yod [י]的月份。yod 代表數字“十”,是唯一懸在半空中的字母,意思是從神手中賜下預定的憐憫。要求神賜下憐憫在你生命中需要解決的處境。

6. 童女的月份,「我屬我的良人,我的良人也屬我」(雅歌6:3)。我們越與主的家庭連結,我們越能與主親近。

7. 奔入堅固台的月份---超越你力量的大能四圍環繞你,你不需要一直剛強(箴18:10),而是可以進入祂的大能裡。

8. 啟動內在平安的月份,要時常找時間“更新”自己,使我們能完全。

9. “指引的月份”---對開始的理解能夠引領你達到終點。