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2022/4/20 My Seven Days and Nights of Ordination for the New Crossing Over

Updated: Apr 22, 2022

Ron Sawka Ministries

April 20, 2022; Nissan 19, 5782

Passover/Resurrection Weekend

“And you must not go out from the entrance of the Meeting Tent for seven days, until the day when your days of ordination are completed, because you must be ordained over a seven-day period” (Lev. 8:33, NET).

My Seven Days and Nights of Ordination for the New Crossing Over

My son Pete and I got back from an amazing ten days of “Gathering” meetings in Egypt, which I’ll share more about next week. We arrived at Narita airport Friday evening, April 15, where we were tested for Covid. Pete was fine, but I, who had all the vaccination shots, unexpectedly tested positive. I’d had a very slight head cold, but was sure I was Covid free. However, I was given no choice but to be quarantined for eight days.

Around 10 p.m. that evening—just lying on the bed in the quarantine hotel room—I was reminded of Leviticus 8:33, part of a passage I’d read the day before. Aaron was told to stay in the Meeting Tent (Tabernacle) for seven days and seven nights. Why? The Lord was consecrating or ordaining him for ministry.

I thought back to one meeting in particular in Egypt. The Lord made it clear He was anointing all of us. It was for this new period that we were crossing over into at Passover/Easter. I can testify that something very powerful and wonderful was imparted to me at that time. Truly, the Lord did anoint us for the new.

Lying on my bed in the quarantine hotel and meditating on that verse, I realized the Lord had set this up. He wanted to consecrate/ordain me for the new that lies ahead. There was nothing for me to complain about—I was in a modern, spacious hotel room with three meals provided daily. Actually this wasn’t unlike what the Israelites did. After Passover, they had a whole week of the Feast of Unleavened Bread. They weren’t to work—rather, they were to focus on the miracle God had accomplished at Passover.

At first I assumed I would do my regular online meetings, but quickly realized I had to lay those aside as well. The MPP team graciously agreed to continue without me, and the Apostolic Center Training for Chinese meeting was assigned to someone else.

So, here I am for seven days and seven nights all alone in the presence of the Lord. I feel He wants me to know the following:

  1. He is pouring out a new anointing on all His people.

  2. We, His people, have crossed over into end time harvest. Things are not the same as before. I believe He wants me to know this. I believe He wants all His people to know this so we will expect, believe, and act accordingly.

As far as my health goes, I’m in great shape. No fever. No cough or any symptoms. Other than missing being home, I’m perfectly fine.

Thanks for praying,

Ron and Teddy

Crossing Over—The Surest and Easiest Way Is with Praise

Nissan—The First Hebrew Month of 5782, April 2–May 1

You can view it here.


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