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2022/2/2 The Lion of Judah is Roaring -- The Year of the Tiger

Ron Sawka Ministries

February 2, 2022; 1 Adar 1, 5782

“The Lord also will roar from Zion, and utter His voice from Jerusalem; the heavens and earth will shake; but the Lord will be a shelter for His people, and the strength of the children of Israel” (Joel 3:16).

“The Lord roars from Zion, and utters His voice from Jerusalem; the pastures of the shepherds mourn, and the top of Carmel withers” (Amos 1:2).

The Lion of Judah is Roaring

The Year of the Tiger

This week is Chinese New Year. It’s probably the largest annual event for Chinese people everywhere. It’s much like Christmas in Western nations—but even more so. Many try to return to be with their families, and celebrations last about a week.

I planned to say no more about it until it was pointed out that this Chinese Lunar Year is the year of the tiger. Of course we give no heed to the twelve-year zodiac cycle. But God is in control and can use anything to emphasize His message. That message for all of us is that Jesus is the Lion of Judah, and now He isn’t being silent but is roaring. We in the West acknowledge the lion as “king,” while much of Asia traditionally viewed the tiger as such. So, it’s kind of a doubling up of God’s message. And we know from scripture that whenever a message is repeated twice—see Joseph’s interpretation of Pharoah’s dream in Genesis 41:32—it is both 1) established, and 2) imminent. Thus, this message that the Lord is roaring and its effects are both certain and imminent.

What does this “roaring” imagery mean? Here are some reasons the Lion of Judah is roaring:

1. He is Lord and is in charge—Just as the roaring of a lion gives the unmistakable message that he is there and in charge, God wants not only believers—but also the whole world—to know He is Lord. This is His earth and He is in charge. He will not be silent.

2. He is on the move—The Lord’s voice is going to be heard, and He is on the move to change things. Judgments are being released.

3. The fear of the Lord increases—Hosea 11:10 states, “They shall walk after the Lord. He will roar like a lion. When He roars, then His sons shall come trembling from the west” (emphasis added). This whole time of shaking has resulted in a great rededication of God’s people to Him. Not only is there deeper commitment from His people, but many around the world are hearing this “roar” in their spirits. They are beginning to turn to Him. We shall see increasingly greater harvest.

4. Mysteries will be released and plans of God will unfold—Revelation 10:3–4 states, “And cried with a loud voice, as when a lion roars. When he cried out, seven thunders uttered their voices. Now when the seven thunders uttered their voices, I was about to write; but I heard a voice from heaven saying to me, ‘Seal up the things which the seven thunders uttered, and do not write them’” (emphasis added). What is clear from these verses is that when the Lion of Judah roars, mysteries were released. The angel roared like a lion (echoing the roar of the Lion of Judah), and the seven thunders (the sevenfold Spirit of God) began to speak things which John was not allowed to share. I feel we will increasingly see and understand the plans of God unfold even in this year ahead.

As I wrote this, I was reminded of what I wrote in the December 15 update about changes the Lord makes in us as we allow His roar to rise up inside of us, which I copied for us to look at again.

Also please note that today, February 2, is the beginning of Adar 1, which focuses on entering into our true identity. If Jesus is the Lion of Judah and He is inside of us, then we are to be like lions as well.

Here is what I wrote in the December 15 update about results of letting the roar rise up:

  1. Coming into your true identity—We are sons and daughters of the Most High. Expect your identity as a bold warrior to come forth, and your confidence in the Lord to surge ahead.

  2. Shyness and reserve broken—You will be a joyous and spontaneous sharer of the goodness of God.

  3. Bondages and long-standing problems, including sickness, will be broken—In both Amos and Joel, the Lord roars and deals with things that people think He doesn’t see. The Lord does see your need and wants deliverance for you.

  4. Restoration and gathering—We should expect broken or weakened relationships to be restored, family to be restored, and unsaved family members to be touched by the Lord. Expect a new oneness and harmony.

  5. Deliverance from old and limiting mindsets

  6. Clarity for strategy—As we roar, the breath of the Lord clears away darkness, fog, and clouds so we can see prophetically the way He wants us to.

Thanks for praying,

Ron and Teddy

P.S. Because of Chinese New Year, there won’t be a Chinese edition of this update on Feb. 2, nor Chinese translation of MPP Feb. 1–11. All other languages will continue on as usual.

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