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2022/1/12 So How Was Your Christmas?

Ron Sawka Ministries

January 12, 2022; Shevat 10, 5782

“‘But that you may know that the Son of Man has power on earth to forgive sins’—then He said to the paralytic, ‘Arise, take up your bed, and go to your house.’ And he arose and departed to his house” (Matt. 9:6–7).

So How Was Your Christmas?

Be sure to look and notice so you can receive what the Lord wants to do for you!

Greetings to you in this first update of 2022. Thank you for all the greetings. Now let me ask you a question—how was your Christmas? What did the Lord do for you?

I ask because you may remember that I had been sharing we should expect this to be the best Christmas ever. I felt the Lord put that on my heart. It was based on Zacharias and Elizabeth, who had prayed and prayed and had probably given up on having a son. Unexpectedly, the angel appeared and announced they would give birth to John. When I shared that likewise we should expect the Lord to bless us this Christmas—and perhaps it would be with things we had long prayed for—many of you communicated how it blessed and emboldened you to revisit some longstanding prayed-for requests.

That in itself is wonderful. But still the question remains—what did you receive from the Lord? I too had to hold myself accountable. After all, it was my “suggestion.” I suddenly realized that truly the Lord had answered a longstanding issue by giving me revelation about the problem’s solution. It really is quite remarkable, and the more I meditated on it the more far-reaching and greater that answer became.

The embarrassing thing is that if I hadn’t stopped and asked myself this—if I hadn’t held myself accountable to my own suggestion—I would probably have missed the miracle. It makes me wonder how many other miracles or blessings God prepared for me but which I missed by simply overlooking them.

It’s instructive to look at the healing of the paralytic in Matthew 9:1–8. After telling the man his sins were forgiven, Jesus then told him to arise and pick up his bed and go home. Why was it so easy for the man to immediately obey and begin the attempt to get up? I’m pretty sure he didn’t feel “healed.” But in his heart, he must have received/accepted what Jesus said. Because he had made the choice to agree/receive, it was easy to take the action. And indeed, he was healed.

In other words, the way to get a miracle is to first “receive/accept it.” Thus I pray, “Lord, help us to always hold ourselves accountable to what we pray, because You always do hear and answer. We don’t want to overlook or miss any blessings You have for us.”

Thanks for praying,

Ron and Teddy

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