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2021/6/2 How to Receive the Fire of the Holy Spirit

Ron Sawka Ministries

June 2, 2021; Sivan 22, 5781

“A river of fire was flowing, coming out from before him. Thousands upon thousands attended him; ten thousand times ten thousand stood before him. The court was seated, and the books were opened” (Dan. 7:10).

“I came to send fire on the earth, and how I wish it were already kindled! But I have a baptism to be baptized with, and how distressed I am till it is accomplished!” (Luke 12:49–50).

“But He shall baptize you with the Holy Spirit and with fire” (Matt. 3:11).

How to Receive the Fire of the Holy Spirit

  • May 29 Fire Conference Report

  • How to Receive This Baptism of Fire

It’s amazing how the Lord not only leads us, but also confirms that we are on the right path. We hosted our second Fire Conference on May 29. During the pre-meeting prayer/intercession, we noticed technical issues creeping in. We prayed against enemy interference and boldly declared that God would give us double the impact and reach twice as many people. The two-hour online conference was powerful. Many testimonies have already come in.

When we held the first conference on March 20, I should have realized that God was looking at this as something much larger than I was. I should have known because earlier in the month I received a prophecy from a young Indian prophet stating God was going to cause a new movement through me—a fire movement—and it would span generations and would be key for many nations (and then he listed the nations I am connected to).

Furthermore, when our team began to prophesy over both the first conference and then this past Saturday’s conference, almost every prophecy stated that this fire would spread and spread and spread. A number of prophecies also came from the MPP team. One that really caught my heart said the fire would spread forth from Japan to many nations. And another stated, “It’s like until now you have been in a swimming pool, but now you are being launched into the ocean.”

Why is it so vital to be touched by this fire of God? Several reasons are as follows:

  1. Jesus baptizes us with the Holy Spirit and fire (Matt. 3:11).

  2. We are to be continually burning (glowing) with the Holy Spirit (Rom. 12:11).

  3. The fire of God burns out impurities and self-centered works (Mal. 4:1; 1 Cor. 3:13) so we can better do His works of loving people, sharing the good news, healing the sick, and casting out demons.

  4. In fact, His fire will go before us as a consuming fire to burn up sickness and the demonic (Deut. 9:3).

  5. The more we are purified by His fire, the more we will find He opens the scrolls concerning us, and we will be able to move through the new doors that await us (Dan. 7:10)

How do we receive this fire? I love the testimonies of people who are touched/purified by the fire of God. Duncan Smith, the global head of Catch the Fire, was visited by the fire of God for a period of time. He was like a “sign and wonder,” because he could feel the fire in his body. His wife told him some nights she couldn’t sleep because too much heat from the Holy Spirit was radiating from him. (Duncan was one of the conference speakers. The conference may be seen here.)

Those testimonies help us understand how God’s fire operates, and I think most of us would be delighted if we physically experienced a similar thing. Not all of us will. But what we all can most definitely experience is receiving the fire of God. This is a promise of His. When something is promised to us in His word, we can simply activate it by asking and receiving. It’s that simple. The four steps to activating the fire of God are the same four steps used to activate the gift of salvation, the gift of baptism of the Holy Spirit, and the individual gifts of the Spirit (e.g., prophecy, tongues, healing, as seen in 1 Corinthians 12:7–10).

Here are those four steps to activate the God’s gift of His fire to us:

  1. Know the scriptural promises. Jesus wants to baptize you with the Holy Spirit and fire (Matt. 3:11).

  2. God’s grace will cause faith to arise (Eph. 2:8–9).

  3. Ask and receive by faith (John 1:12). Don’t worry about manifestations or a lack thereof. Just receive it. God said it, so ask and receive.

  4. Confess it. Romans 10:9–10 states that if you believe you have received from God, then you need to say it. Believe His fire has come upon you. Tell yourself it has because God promised it. Walk in that promise. Keep thinking it and keep saying it. Your heart will begin to believe what your mouth tells you.

Know the fire was released to you the moment you asked. So walk in it. You will be surprised at how His fire will burn in you and change you.

One more thing—God’s fire brings healing. I feel many will read this and pray for the fire and discover they are being healed. It could be from physical issues, emotional or spiritual issues, or even family or relational ones.

Thanks for praying. Be blessed.

Ron and Teddy

Those who have special needs for ministry can contact us here. A special team is there to minister to you.

The Month of Covenant and Blessing

Sivan: The Third Month of the Hebrew Year, May 12–June 10, 2021

God so very, very much wants to bless us. Just like a good husband wants to provide for his wife, or like a father wants the best for his children, God wants to bless us. He does this on the basis of covenant. He is our Father. We may mess up at times; we may make mistakes. That’s not the key issue. Mistakes and failures are an expected part of the growing process. What’s important is to keep walking in the security and surety of the covenant He has made with us. Keep trusting. If you stumble and fall, get back up and keep on walking with Him. He truly wants to bless. Let this Pentecost season be a time of shifting/holding onto our covenant with Him like never before.

The blessings for the month of Sivan may be found here.

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