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2021/2/10 Time to Do Great Exploits Tell God How Great His Works Are

Ron Sawka Ministries

February 10, 2021; Shevat 28, 5781

Strategies for Uncertain Times Series:

7.Tell the Lord He is Good—Do Great Exploits (Dan. 11:32; Ps. 66:3)

6. Be Sure to Enjoy the Lord (Ps. 34:8)

5. We Just Have to Begin Speaking It Out (Prov. 18:21)

4. Let the Lord Fill Your Mouth with His Things to Declare (Ps. 81:10)

3. Remember You Are Anointed and Walk in the Power of the Holy Spirit (Luke 4:14)

2. Stay in Joy (John 16:33)

1. Do Warfare with Your Prophecy (2 Chron. 20:20; 1 Tim. 1:18)

Time to Do Great Exploits

Tell God How Great His Works Are

“But the people who know their God shall be strong, and carry out great exploits” (Dan. 11:32).

“Say to God, ‘How awesome are Your works! Through the greatness of Your power Your enemies shall submit themselves to You’” (Ps. 66:3).

This morning, Daniel 11:32 was on my heart. It talks about being in a time of darkness and circumstances where God’s enemy was working to destroy His covenant. The verse then gives an incredible twofold promise: “The people who know their God will be strong and carry out great exploits.” First, we will be strong. We truly are living in the time of this promise. God is making His people strong. I don’t know about you, but I can feel it. In fact, many of us can feel His strength and fire in a new way. There is a faith and boldness rising up like never before. Second, God is giving this to us for the purpose of doing great exploits. It’s not just to make us feel good or blessed. It’s because He wants us to do great exploits.

He will help us have great influence in our neighborhoods and regions. There will be miracles in finance, and incredible solutions in the workplace. There will also be the more familiar miracles of healing and deliverance. We will connect with people and they will be touched by the power of God and have their lives changed. So many great exploits are awaiting each one of us every day.

How to get started? Most of us feel, “Yes, Lord, indeed now is the time. I want you to use me. What do I do?” Of course there is no simple answer, but I can suggest one strategy directly from the word of God. Start declaring how great God is. Psalm 66:3 states, “Say to God, ‘How awesome are Your works!’” The next line says, “Through the greatness of Your power Your enemies shall submit themselves to You.” There seems to be a direct connection. When we declare to God how great He is, it’s like His power is released and His enemies must submit. They must bow. They must stop resisting the work of the Holy Spirit.

So don’t start worrying about coming up with a scheme about how God can use you. Instead, praise Him. Be sure to declare many, many times how great God is. Watch His works begin to unfold before you.

Be blessed! Thanks so much for praying!

Please keep praying for us and especially for Japan. Now is the time of revival!

Ron and Teddy

Adar—A Time to Enter Your True Identity

The Twelfth Month of the Hebrew Year 5781 (Feb. 13–Mar. 13)

What an incredible way to close out the Hebrew year by entering into and declaring one’s true identity. We are all fearfully and wonderfully made. The more we enter in to who we really are, the more peace, trust, and confidence is released. There is no need for masks or trying to be something we aren’t. Please click here for the full description of the month of Adar.

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