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2020/9/16 Waking Up the World to the Goodness of God

Ron Sawka Ministries

Sept. 16, 2020; Elul 27, 5780

“But when he came to himself, he said … ‘I will arise and go to my father’” (Luke 15:17–18).

“And in the seventh month, on the first day … it is a day of blowing the trumpets” (Num. 29:1).

“I was in the Spirit on the Lord’s Day and I heard behind me a loud voice as of a trumpet” (Rev. 1:10).

Changing the Spiritual Atmosphere Over Your Territory

Feast of Trumpets—A Prophetic Act

(As I wrote the article below, I didn’t expect that the Holy Spirit would so strongly urge me to set up Feast of Trumpets celebrations for as many of our languages/nationalities as possible. It is a prophetic act that the Lord wishes us all to join in. Please try to join one of the live broadcasts on my Facebook page. (Times listed are Japan Time.)

  • Sept. 16, Wed., 8:00 p.m., English

  • Sept. 17, Thurs., 8:30 p.m., English/Chinese

  • Sept. 18, Fri., 6:00 a.m., MPP—English/Japanese

  • Sept. 18, Fri., 7:00 p.m., English/Russian

Waking Up the World to the Goodness of God

During MPP on September 15, the Lord surprised us—as He often does—with a new look at an old topic. We had started out with blowing the shofar. That reminded me that this Friday evening, September 18, is the Hebrew New Year (Rosh Hashanah). I love that it features blowing the shofar/trumpet all day long because it carries the concept of “waking up to—or being awakened to—the goodness of God.”

But there is also another truth here. It is the idea that blowing the shofar is a prophetic act. Thus, we are declaring to everything and everybody, “Wake up to the goodness of God.” We are proclaiming this to ourselves—as well as to our homes, businesses, neighborhoods, cities, and nations. It doesn’t matter that people can’t hear the physical words or sounds. In the spiritual realm, they are hearing what we are releasing: “God is good! Wake up and let His love and goodness touch you and heal you and draw you nearer.”

This is a powerful thought. We all know that it is “the goodness of God that leads [us] to repentance” (Rom. 2:4). This is pictured in the story of the prodigal son (Luke 15:17–24). He was lost, confused, and mired in squalor until he suddenly “woke up” in his thinking. He realized his father was good and kind and was longing for him. Then, he immediately rose up and returned home.

When we were blowing the shofar on Tuesday morning, I was conscious that something powerful was being released, both for us and also into the atmosphere around us. We were not only proclaiming to our families, cities, and nations, but were also proclaiming God’s goodness to the deepest parts of our hearts, souls, and minds. Below is a list of some effects of proclaiming His goodness. In fact, I encourage you to take some time to blow a shofar periodically from the evening of September 18th through the 19th. Or even just mimic it, and release a sound with your voice. Either way, it is a powerful prophetic act which declares to the whole world that God is good! Better yet, as much as possible please try to join one of the aforementioned live broadcasts.

God wants us to expect the following:

  1. An awakening and returning—Just as the goodness of the father caused the prodigal to want to return home, the sound released into the spiritual atmosphere declares God’s goodness. People will find their hearts being stirred to turn to Him. It doesn’t matter that they hear or don’t hear what we are saying; they will hear with their spirits. Something will begin to stir and awaken in our families, cities, and nations. I expect something so powerful to be released this weekend.

  2. A breaking of shame and condemnation—We know the prodigal son was drawn to return. The pull of the goodness/love of his father overcame the sense of shame, failure, and condemnation. All of us have areas in our lives that constantly turn away or try to hide from God. The more we declare His goodness, the more we will find any hidden or dark areas in our lives turning toward God.

  3. Experiencing the embrace of God—The father ran to meet his son and embraced him. God wants to embrace us. His embrace is refreshing and brings healing. Some of you will be healed, refreshed, and renewed just by reading these words.

  4. A “dropping off” of the fake—The father commanded the servants to bring a new robe, a ring, and sandals. To me, the robe speaks of our true identity. God’s goodness causes any “fake” in us to fall off—and to be increasingly replaced by who He created us to be.

  5. Irrefutable belonging—I think when he put on that ring, the son knew beyond any doubt whatsoever that he in fact did belong. He wasn’t a guest or a servant, but a son. The more we let the goodness of God overwhelm us, the more we know we are His beloved children. That should give us such confidence!

  6. New stability—Sometimes we lose our balance or don’t stand firmly. Ill-fitting or loose shoes/sandals can cause us to falter and slip. God’s goodness puts new, well-fitting shoes on our feet. We can stand. Say “goodbye” to instability and no longer be afraid of the old things that caused you to slip.

  7. A much more joyful life—The father didn’t just want quiet private time with his returned son. He wanted everyone to enter into that joy. Think about that. The more I know the goodness of God, the more it results in these three things: God celebrating; I myself celebrating; and people around me celebrating.

Thanks so much for praying!

Ron and Teddy

Join Us Live or Online for ILSOM

From Saturday through Tuesday will be the first Catch the Fire Asia/Japan hosting of the International Leaders School of Ministry (ILSOM) seminar. This is an amazing time for raising up God’s people. Most of the speakers will minister online. Many participants in Japan will travel to Sano to take part. I believe there is still time, so sign up. Please register now!










1)9月16日(水)午後8時~ (英語のみ)

2)9月17日(木)午後8時半~ (英語、中国語)

3)9月18日(金)午前6時~ (英語、日本語:MPP)

4)9月18日(金)午後7時~ (英語、ロシア語)












6)新しい安定性: 時々、私たちはバランスを失い、しっかり立つことができません。サイズが合わない靴やだらりとしたサンダルや靴によって滑ったり、躓くことがあります。神の良さは私たちの足にサイズがしっかりと合う靴を付けます。不安定さが無くなり、今まで滑っていたところを恐れる必要が無くなります。





今週の土曜日から火曜日まで、Catch The Fireアジア/ジャパンはILSOM(国際リーダーズスクール・オフ・ミニストリー)を開催します。神の人々を立て上げるための素晴らしい時になります。多くのスピーカーは”オンライン”で教えることになりますが、参加者は日本中から佐野に集まります。締め切りまで残りわずかとなりましたので、ぜひ申し込んでください!


2020年9月16日; 5780年以祿月27日






(當我寫這篇週報時,我沒有想到聖靈會如此強烈的敦促我要盡可能的用多國的語言來慶祝吹角節。這事實上是一個先知性的行動,表示主希望我們所有人都能來加入,請盡可能的參加其中一個臉書上的直播聚會Facebook page(臉書:榮撒卡使徒事工) (以下均為日本時間)。

  • 9月16日週三晚上8:00點(英文聚會)

  • 9月17日週四晚上8:30(中英文聚會)

  • 9月18日週五早上6:00(英日文聚會)

  • 9月18日週五晚上7:00(英俄文聚會)


在9月15日先知性早禱會上,就像主經常做的那樣,以一種新的眼光來看一個舊的主題,使我們驚訝。我們以吹號角開始聚會,這使我想起9月18日週五晚上就是猶太新年(Rosh Hashanah)。我喜愛它的特點就是一整天吹號角,因為它帶著「甦醒,或被神的良善喚醒」的意思。





1. 喚醒和歸回---正如父親的良善使浪子想要回家,釋放進入屬靈氛圍中的聲音也在宣告神的良善,人們將會發現自己的內心被感動而轉向神,不管他們是否聽見我們在說什麼,他們的靈裡會聽到。在我們的家庭、城市和各國,會有一些事情開始攪動和喚醒他們。我期待這個禮拜強大的能力會被釋放出來。

2. 打破羞恥和定罪---我們知道浪子被吸引回家,是他父親的良善和愛的吸引勝過了羞恥、失敗和定罪的感覺。在我們生命的領域裡面,不斷會有想要轉離神或想向祂隱藏之處,但當我們更多宣告祂的良善,我們就越發發現生命中有任何隱藏或黑暗的地方都轉向,使我們向神靠近。





7.更喜樂的生活---父親並不只想和他返家的孩子度過安靜私人的時光,他要每一個人都進入這種喜樂。思想一下… 我若越明白神的良善,越會帶來這些結果:神的歡慶、我自己的歡慶,我周圍的人也一起歡慶。


Ron and Teddy榮撒卡和泰迪撒卡



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