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2020/6/3 Pentecost—A Time for the Lord to Open Our Eyes

Updated: Jun 4, 2020

Ron Sawka Ministries

June 3, 2020; Sivan 11, 5780

“Then there appeared to them divided tongues, as of fire, and one sat upon each of them and they were all filled with the Holy Spirit and began to speak with other tongues” (Acts 2:3–4).

“Please let a double portion of your spirit be upon me.” So he [Elijah] said, ‘You have asked a hard thing. Nevertheless, if you see me when I am taken from you, it shall be so for you’” (2 Kings 2:9–10).

Pentecost—A Time for the Lord to Open Our Eyes

Each Pentecost, we can expect increase in revelation, in power, and in provision. Of course, God gives these at any moment throughout the year, but the times of the feasts are special. Someone explained that these appointed feasts were set in eternity as special times. They became known to us when God gave Israel His law, but we need to realize these existed long before then. This helps us understand why the Bible calls them a “statute forever” (Lev. 23:41). They are God’s appointed times of special meeting with His people to bless them. Let me repeat—God can—and does—bless us in every way and at any time. However, the feasts seem to be a time when the portals of heaven are opened and God’s blessing seems even more pronounced as we celebrate our covenant with Him. Thus we read, “Speak to the children of Israel, and say to them: ‘The feasts of the Lord, which you shall proclaim to be holy convocations, these are My feasts’” (Lev. 23:2).

The 120 people waiting on the Lord during the night of Pentecost had expectant hearts and the Holy Spirit was poured upon them. (Note: On Sunday night I was doing an English-Chinese Pentecost broadcast via Zoom, YouTube, and Facebook. Many people were watching and listening. But I was particularly blessed to see that there were 120 viewing live on my Facebook page alone, which seemed like a kind of prophetic confirmation. It was like we as God’s people had obeyed and were in proper position for Him to pour out upon us!)

During Pentecost in Acts 2, they received those three things: revelation, power, and provision. A short explanation should help us likewise receive! Several points are as follows:

1. Spiritual Eyes Opened—We know there were 120 tongues of fire on 120 heads. Even more amazing is that each one could see it. Likewise, we should expect that our spiritual eyes will be more opened than before. We will see the Holy Spirit working and will become part of it. Miracles will begin.

2. Prophetic Understanding of Scriptures—When the bystanders began to question and some began to mock, Peter received immediate understanding in his heart and explained this was the fulfillment of what Joel prophesied in Joel 2. We can properly expect our understanding of God’s written word to greatly grow and to keep increasing.

3. Understanding of What God Is Doing Here and Now—I hesitated to write #2 above because so many people immediately want to know about the future and the end times. That is not the point. God wants us to understand what He is doing right now in our circumstances. The 120 all understood they were being filled with the Holy Spirit. Likewise, I believe God wants us to know that 1) you are being more filled now than you were before, and 2) that He has implemented a massive time of shifting for the whole church so we can enter into unprecedented harvest.

4. Revelation Gives Faith to Obliterate Obstacles—Peter’s explanation was bold and faith-filled. He continued to explain this was all because of the death of Jesus. He boldly (and correctly) laid Jesus’s crucifixion at their feet. The anti-Christ, fearful atmosphere pervading Jerusalem was rolled away as thousands repented. Who would have expected just one day earlier that 3000 would be saved in a day and that Christians would be the talk of Jerusalem?

5. The More Our Spiritual Eyes Are Opened, the More We Will Find Ourselves Seizing Opportunities—Difficult situations will suddenly become springboards for miracles. Peter and John saw the lame man begging. They knew the risen Lord Jesus was with them. In His name, they grabbed the man’s hand and the power of God healed him, changed his life, and led to several more thousands being saved (Acts 3:1–4:4). Not every one of us will heal a lame man this week, but every one of us can “seize” someone in need of help, and the power of God will cause them to rise up!

6. Revelation Is Linked to Double Anointing—Elijah told Elisha, “If you see me when I am taken from you, it shall be so for you [double anointing]” (2 Kings 2:10). Elisha’s eyes were opened. He saw and He received. This is why God wants us to have revelation. He wants our eyes to be opened so we press into Him to ask for and receive all He wants to give us.

7. Revelation Enables Us to Ask Boldly—When I wrote about Elisha and the double anointing just now, I felt the Holy Spirit remind me that it was Elijah that first asked Elisha, “What do you want?” And Elisha boldly asked for double anointing. He didn’t miss the opportunity. Neither did Peter and John, and neither will you or I. Because the Lord graciously fills us with His Spirit, our spiritual eyes are open. Our prayers and expectations change. What an incredible shift is beginning around the world now. God’s people everywhere are boldly asking for and expecting the Lord to do miracles through them.

Lord, we thank you for pouring out your Holy Spirit upon us this Pentecost. Help us daily to walk in more and more fullness. Thank You for opening our eyes so we can walk with You in humility and in Your power.

Numbers of Viewers and Listeners Increase

Pentecost is definitely a time of outpouring and increase. Amazingly, we are seeing great increase in the number of viewers and listeners to all of our broadcasts. Thank you for praying. I would ask that you keep on praying boldly and declaring that many, many would come into the kingdom of God at this time.

Thanks so much for praying!

Ron and Teddy.

ロン・サーカ・ミニストリーズ ウィークリーアップデート

2020年6月4日 聖書暦5780年シヴァンの月12日



















2020年6月3日; 5780年西彎月11日







1. 屬靈眼睛被打開——我們知道,有120個舌頭如火焰顯現,降臨在120個人的頭上。更奇妙的是,大家都能看見它的存在。同樣,我們也應該期待我們的屬靈眼睛被開啟勝過以往。我們將看到聖靈運行,也將參與其中。神蹟奇事將會發生。

2. 對聖經話語的先知性領悟——當旁觀者開始質疑,有人甚至開始嘲笑,彼得立刻在心中領受了啟示,解釋出這是約珥書2章中預言的應驗。我們也可以期待,我們對聖經話語的悟性將大大增長,並且不斷加增。

3. 明白神此時此刻的工作——我有點遲疑是否寫出上面的第2點,因為許多人馬上想要知道未來和末世將要發生什麼。這不是我要說的重點。神願意我們明白祂在我們當下境況中的作為。那120個門徒都知道自己被聖靈充滿。同樣,我相信神也希望我們明白,1)你此刻比以往得到了更多的聖靈充滿,2)祂將帶來教會極大轉化的時刻,使我們可以進入前所未有的大收割。

4. 啟示增長信心,得以挪去阻礙——彼得的解釋非常大膽,滿有信心。他繼續解釋道,這是因著耶穌的死而來的,他大膽(並且準確地)把耶穌釘十字架的事在眾人面前提出來。此前瀰漫整個耶路撒冷的敵基督和充滿恐懼的氛圍都一掃而空,數千人立即悔改。誰能在前一日料想到,第二天將有3000人在一日之內信主得救,而基督徒將成為耶路撒冷城裡的頭號新聞?

5. 我們的屬靈眼睛越開啟,就越能把握住機會——困境將在頃刻間變成神蹟的跳板。彼得和約翰看見美門前的瘸子在乞討,他們也知道復活的耶穌正與他們同在。他們奉耶穌的名拉著他的手扶他起來,神的能力立刻醫治了他,改寫了他的人生,數千人因此得救(徒3:1–4:4)。我們這週不見得每個人都能醫好一個瘸腿的人,但是每個人都可以“抓住”一個需要幫助的人,讓神的能力幫助他們興起!

6. 啟示能帶來雙倍的恩膏——以利亞告訴以利沙,“我被接去離開你的時候,你若看見我,就必得著。”(王下2:10)以利沙的眼睛打開了,他看見了,並且領受。這正是神希望我們擁有啟示的原因,祂要我們打開眼睛,努力尋求祂,祈求並且得著祂所要賜給我們的一切。

7. 啟示讓我們能夠放膽祈求——當我剛才寫到以利沙和雙倍恩膏的時候,我感覺聖靈提醒我,是以利亞先向以利沙提出問題:“你要我為你做什麼?”以利沙大膽地說出了雙倍恩膏的請求,他沒有錯過機會。彼得、約翰也未錯過機會,我們也不會。因為神仁慈地使聖靈充滿我們,開啟了我們的屬靈眼睛,我們的禱告和期待也不一樣了。此刻,全世界正在經歷何等不可思議的轉變,神在各地的百姓正在放膽祈求並期待神透過他們行奇事。





Ron and Teddy Sawka榮撒卡和泰迪撒卡


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