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2020/5/13 Continuing to Press In to Pentecost

Ron Sawka Ministries

May 13, 2020; Iyar 19, 5780

Counting the Omer: Day 34 (16 More Days to Pentecost)

“Let all those who seek You rejoice and be glad in You” (Ps. 70:4).

“When Moses held up his hand, Israel prevailed; and when he let down his hand, Amalek prevailed” (Exod. 17:11).

“In God we boast all day long, and we will continually give thanks to your name” (Ps. 44:8).

A Time to Surge

I believe many of us will look back on this coronavirus time and realize that the Lord has been re-shaping us, and positioning us for a great surging ahead. Most Christians that I talk to are all saying the same thing—that this has been a time of seeking the Lord, of learning to rest in Him, and coming to new levels of confidence and faith in Him. He is preparing us. This all leads up to Pentecost, a time of more release of the power of God through His Holy Spirit so we can surge ahead.

As such, I want to invite you to join Catch the Fire’s online event, The Surge, this Friday. Details are as follows:

Rachel Sawka writes, “This week was going to be the launch of the integrated movement of Catch the Fire, Partners in Harvest, and Arise 5. It has moved online and will be a two-hour presentation of what God is doing in CTF around the world. It will be broadcast at 7 p.m. (Japan Time), and you will need to register to watch it. If you register, you can watch the recording at any time. It is time for us to surge forward into this new season that God has for us!” Register here to watch:

I love that word surge! I picture it as a tsunami of the Holy Spirit hitting our nations. I actually saw and experienced that devastating tsunami in Japan on March 11, 2011. It was fast, huge, and unstoppable. It destroyed everything in its path. You could say it resulted in a complete restructuring of every city along the coastline that it touched.

That is how the surge of the Holy Spirit will be. Only it will be totally positive. It will come quickly and powerfully and will be unstoppable. It will destroy structures the enemy has built up over long generations, resulting in a restructuring and building of the kingdom of God. This is the surge we can and must expect as we come to Pentecost.

Continuing to Press In to Pentecost

Here are some simple keys to remember as we continue to count down to Pentecost:

  1. Be Joyful—Yes, we are seeking the Lord, but continually remind yourself to be joyful. A religious spirit will attempt to make us overly serious or somber. That is not what the kingdom of God is about. “Let all those who seek You rejoice and be glad in You” (Ps. 70:4).

  2. Keep Those Hands Lifted Up! Stay in faith and war against that anti-Christ spirit which continually questions God, continually tries to make us think God is not with us, or that He has nothing to do with our specific problem. Exodus 17:8–6 describes Joshua fighting against the attacking Amalekites, who were trying to cut off the stragglers. The more you lose sight of the fact the Lord is with you and wants to be involved in/has a solution for every problem, you will find yourself “lagging behind.” We read, “When Moses held up his hand, Israel prevailed; and when he let down his hand, Amalek prevailed” (Exod. 17:11). Always remember that the Lord’s name is Jehovah-Nissi, Our Banner. He will always be there for us! Stay in faith.

  3. Leave No Room for Niggling Worries—I suspect that some people still worried—despite the miracle of the Red Sea being divided so they could cross on dry ground (see Exod. 14). Maybe they would be too slow and Pharaoh’s chariots would still catch up to them. Ridiculous, really. If God opened the Red Sea for them, surely He would see they were safely through to the other side. So instead of enjoying the miracle, probably a lot were still frantic with worry. We must leave no room for any kind of worry. It only steals joy and faith.

  4. Magnify the Lord—Celebrate and Boast in His miracles—I have had to drastically revise/reshape how I talk about miracles that God does for me. I used to (mistakenly) feel I should not say too much about an answer to prayer or something that God had done for me. Actually that came from a kind of pride—a not wanting to be thought of as one who “said too much.” That actually is insulting to the Lord. Rather, we should speak it loudly, clearly, and often. Let’s be like David who said “In God we boast all day long, and we will continually give thanks to your name” (Ps. 44:8). The results?

  5. It will bless people around me.

  6. It weakens the work of the flesh and the enemy.

  7. It strengthens me.

  8. It opens the door for me to get more revelation from the Holy Spirit.

Thanks so much for praying!

Ron and Teddy

ロン・サーカ・ミニストリー ウィークリーアップデート

2020年5月14日 聖書暦5780年イヤルの月20日

オメルを数える:35日目 (ペンテコステまで15日)






まず第一に、Catch The Fireのオンライン集会 THE SURGEに招待したいです。

レイチェル・サーカ:今週はCatch The Fire, Partners in HarvestとArise 5の統合の立ち上げとなります。今回はオンラインで世界中のCTFの働きを2時間で紹介します。日本では5月15日(金)から開催され、事前に登録する必要があります。





















2020年5月13日; 5780年以珥月19日

倒數俄梅珥: 第34天 (距五旬節16天)






因此,我想邀請您參加本週五的點火事工(Catch the Fire)線上聚會The Surge。 詳細資訊如下:

瑞秋·撒卡(Rachel Sawka)寫道:“本週將由點火事工(Catch the Fire)、“豐收合作夥伴”(Partners in Harvest)和“Arise 5”發起聯合聚會,我們將會在線上發布。在兩個小時中,我們會介紹神在世界各地點火事工的工作。聚會將在日本時間晚上7點播出,您需要註冊收看。註冊後,您可以隨時觀看錄影。現在是湧流進入神給我們的新季節的時候了!”請在此註冊收看:

我喜歡「湧流」這個詞! 我將其描述為聖靈襲擊我們各國的海嘯。我實際上在2011年3月11日看過並經歷了日本那場毀滅性的海嘯。它非常的快速,巨大而且無法阻擋。它摧毀了道路上的一切,你可以說它導致了海岸線的每個城市的全面重建。




  1. 要喜樂—是的,我們正在尋求主,但是要不斷地提醒自己要喜樂。宗教的靈會試圖使我們過度的嚴肅或憂鬱,但那不是神國度的意義。「願一切尋求你的,因你高興歡喜」(詩70:4)。

  2. 保持舉起信心的手—要保持信心,並與不斷質疑神的敵基督的靈爭戰。牠們持續企圖使我們認為神沒有與我們同在,或是祂與我們的特定問題無關。出埃及記17:8-16描述約書亞與進攻的阿瑪力人打仗,敵人試圖隔斷所有落後的百姓。你越是看不到神與你同在的事實,並想要參與/自行解決每一個問題,你會發現自己“落在後方”。我們讀到:「摩西何時舉手,以色列人就得勝,何時垂手,亞瑪力人就得勝。」(出17:11)總要記得耶和華神的名字是耶和華尼西,我們的旌旗,祂永遠與我們同在!要持守信心。

  3. 不要給擔心留餘地—我懷疑有些人仍在擔心—雖然以色列人經過紅海分開的神蹟,使他們可以走乾地通過(出14章),可能因為他們速度太慢,以致法老的戰車仍然追趕他們。荒謬的是,如果神能為他們分開紅海,祂當然肯定將會看到他們安全的抵達對岸。所以,很多人沒有享受著神蹟,他們仍然可能在瘋狂地擔心。我們必須不給任何的擔心留餘地,它只會偷走我們的喜樂和信心。

  4. 因主誇耀—讚美並誇耀祂的奇蹟—我不得不徹底修改/重塑我談論神為我行的神蹟,我曾經(錯誤地)覺得我不應該太多談論神對我禱告的回應或神為我做的事。實際上,這源於一種驕傲---種不想被認為是“說得太多”的人。這實際上是對主的羞辱。相反的,我們應該大聲地、清楚地,並且經常地說出來。就像大衛所說的:「我們終日因神誇耀,還要永遠稱謝你的名。」(詩44:8)。這會帶來以下的結果:

a. 這會祝福我們周圍的人。

b. 這會削弱肉體和仇敵的工作。

c. 這會使我剛強。

d. 這會打開門,讓我得到從聖靈而來更多的啟示。


Ron and Teddy榮撒卡和泰迪

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