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2020/9/9 Asking and Expecting the Lord to Open our Spiritual Senses

Updated: Sep 30, 2020

Ron Sawka Ministries

Sept. 9, 2020; Elul 20, 5780


‘A troop comes.’ … Even though a troop will trample over him he will triumph” (Gen. 30:11; 49:19).

“The Lord gives voice before His army, for His camp is very great” (Joel 2:11).

“For the Lord had caused the army of the Syrians to hear … the noise of a great army” (2 Kings 7:6).

Join Us Live or Online for ILSOM

This will be such a powerful meeting. The original plan was for these ministers to all come to Japan, and for the rest of you—from Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Malaysia—to come join us for teaching and impartation. COVID has made that impossible. However, God is not stymied. We still have Zoom. So we will do this as an online conference as well as in person. And yes, I do expect that there will be powerful times of impartation, even though the conference is online. Hoping to see many of you online from nations around the world. Please register now!

Asking and Expecting the Lord to Open our Spiritual Senses

I think we all know that it is critical to keep growing in our ability to receive revelation from the Lord. On Sunday while preaching on Elisha and the miracle of breaking the siege and famine in twenty-four hours (2 Kings 7:1–10) (video is here), the Lord began to show me something unusual. (For me, that is how I most often receive revelation—while preaching!) A few points are as follows:

1. Revelation begets revelation—Just before I began the above Sunday service, I listened to a short prophetic word on YouTube. It was about the USA and some situations there, but the result was a stirring and sharpening in my own spirit. Or I could say that hearing that prophecy caused my own spirit to cry out for revelation. And as I preached, I was amazed at what I began to see. The lesson? If you want to receive more revelation from the Holy Spirit, then listen to others. Your own spirit will be mightily stirred.

2. Speaking out the revelation causes others to move—We know there were four Jewish lepers sitting outside the city gates, starving. For some reason, they decided to try something new. They decided to go to the enemy camp and try to scrounge something to eat. What caused this? Elisha’s prophecy. Elisha had to speak it. Something was released into the spiritual atmosphere when he prophesied and it touched those four lepers. So they arose and began the walk to the enemy camp.

This is why we must prophesy, why we must speak aloud what the Lord gives us. It’s for much more than just a few individuals. God’s word is released into the spiritual atmosphere. Things will begin to change.

3. Authority and confidence because the camp/troop of God backs us—We know that the army of angels went with those four lepers. We know this because the Lord caused the sound of that marching angelic army to be heard. One wonders how different those four lepers would have felt if they had known the angels were marching along with them. They would have been unafraid, and full of confidence and authority.

The truth is, that is exactly the same for us. So no more fear and timidity. But have confidence and authority in all you do and speak, knowing the Lord and His angels are there to back you.

4. People begin to think how God wants them to think—Not only did the Syrian army hear the sound (marching angelic army) that God wanted them to, but they also thought in the way He wanted them to. They all immediately concluded it was the Hittites and Egyptians hired to help Israel. So they fled in terror and left all their food and supplies behind.

This has huge implications. The more we realize the Lord is, in fact, with us and backing us, the more we will see miracles having to do with people’s thinking and thought processes.

For example, most Japanese automatically conclude that Jesus and the gospel just aren’t for them. Their minds are closed. But I truly believe a new day has come. Now they will begin thinking differently. They will begin to conclude that yes, Jesus is alive and real. They will want to hear more and know more.

Thanks so much for praying!

Ron and Teddy






















2020年9月9日; 5780年以祿月20日





這將是大有能力的一場聚會。最初的計劃是邀請牧者們來到日本,並邀請來自日本、台灣、香港、馬來西亞等地的參會者領受教導和分賜。因為新冠疫情的緣故,這個計劃無法實施。不過,神的旨意未被阻擋,我們仍然可以透過Zoom平台舉行聚會。所以,本次聚會將結合線上和實地兩種方式進行。我也期待,即便是線上聚會,我們仍將經歷滿有能力的分賜。 期待見到來自各國的你們。歡迎即刻註冊報名!












Ron and Teddy Sawka榮撒卡和泰迪撒卡


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