Av—The Fifth Month of the Hebrew Year 5780
July 22–August 20, 2020

More Than Just Shining—It’s Time to Roar!

1. It’s the month of the constellation of the lion, and therefore also the month the lion roars. The Lord, the Lion of Judah, is roaring for us (Joel 3:16). We must also “roar” in faith. Our roaring/praise becomes a covering of the Lord, and God begins to unlock things for us. Let this be a month of joyful, powerful praise. When He roars, it’s because He wants His voice to be heard. Things will shake. He will be our stronghold. I suggest you do the prophetic act of “roaring” (quietly is okay, of course) over your family, home, and business.

2. The month of the constellation of the lion. Psalm 19:1 states, “The heavens declare the glory of God.” Also, the divine will of the Father is being executed. He begins to carry out things based on what we have responded to and committed to.

3. The month of Simeon, which means “to hear; to be concerned.” We want to be concerned that we are able to continue moving ahead. Simeon messed up, just like Reuben (the previous month) who was unstable. He was called an “instrument of cruelty” (Gen. 49:5). Also, there seemed to be instability, perhaps from his mother, Leah, who felt that bearing him would earn her husband’s love (see Gen. 29:31–33). We are grafted into the great inheritance God has for us. However, when there is instability in our bloodline (as was the case with Simeon—and as is the case with most of us), we need to develop spiritual discipline, as demons will try to convince you to align and agree with them. They understand how to use our iniquitous patterns to pull us backward. God wants us to walk with Him and the angelic army. The devil tries to make us go at it alone, which greatly reduces our effectiveness. When we agree with Satan’s iniquitous plan, it gets rooted in us. Pray, “Lord, I am not unstable; neither will I mess up like Simeon—who chose revenge/unforgiveness, as well as going at it alone. I ask for spiritual discipline to not agree with demons about myself. Rather, I choose to believe You, Lord, and what You say about me. I want Your patterns to be rooted in me. This month, in particular, weed out the tendency to ‘do it by myself’ instead of walking with You and the people You’ve provided.”

4. The month that you decide on what you have heard. You need to make a decision. “Will I just hear what God has told me, or will I actually do it?” Be sure to meditate on what God is telling you so that it is integrated into you (1 Tim. 4:14).

5. Av is called the “low-point month.” Historically, bad things have happened to Israel on the 9th of Av. A few examples follow. First, Av 8 (August 9) is when the ten spies gave a negative report, and Av 9 is when the people cried out and decided not to enter the Promised Land. Second, the first temple was destroyed by the Babylonians on Av 9 in 423 B.C. Third, the Romans destroyed the second temple on Av 9 in 69 A.D. Fourth, the Jews were ordered out of England on this date in 1290. Fifth, the Jews were expelled from Spain in 1492 on this same day. Sixth, even the Holocaust is connected in that the stage and conditions for WW2 were set in motion by WW1, which started when Germany declared war on Russia in 1914 on the 9th of Av. The point isn’t to be fearful about this date (because Paul told us not to regard one day above another [Col. 2:16]), but that we should take it as a reminder to be on guard as watchmen on the wall (Isa. 62:6). Peter told us, “Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil walks about like a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour” (1 Pet. 5:8).

6. Av is also known as the “high-point month” because of Av 15 (August 16), which is the day when the last Israelite of the old generation died in the wilderness. Thus, Israel was once again poised to enter the Promised Land. We need to make the right shifts (keep your heart and mind focused on the Lord and His promises); you will move into what God has for you. Say, “Yes, Lord, circumstances are all set for me to enter the next stage of what You have for me.”

7. The month of the Hebrew letter tet [ט], which resembles a womb. Certain good things will be birthed. Tet has a numerical value of nine and represents goodness.

8. The month where God destroys so that He can reconstruct. Ask the Lord to destroy the old foundations and structures that are hindering you and the moves of God from advancing.

9. The month where the earth begins to contract. Watch for earthquakes. The secret of the pregnancy begins to move into the earth realm. When you hear of earthquakes, know that God is getting ready to birth something.

10. The month that means “There is an iniquity.” However, we do not need to not let it continue. You change for the better, or you will gradually get worse. Pray, “Lord, show me my iniquities so that they can be uprooted.” Declare, “Lord, I am changing for the better. Thank you that by the Holy Spirit I can change.”

11. The month where the kingdom advances through partnership. Be very aware of your partnerships. Watch them. This is more than just connections. Be supportive of the partnerships God has given you.

12. The month of predestined connections. This means that God has connections preordained for you that will manifest and will really help you to move ahead. As we align ourselves with those whom God brings, then we will also be in alignment with the angels, and our way will be easier.

13. The month of the left kidney. Develop a new level of discernment, or you will unwittingly oppose God’s counsel and advice. Note Psalm 32. He takes hold of the reigns (of our kidneys). There should be no resistance to the leading of the Holy Spirit. Again, I recommend meditating on what God has spoken or shown. As we do so, we will see an increase of His wisdom in us, as well as an increase in discernment.